I’d like to tell you a story and see if I can help you, just as someone once helped me.

Someone truly special helped me create my online business and she agreed to do a special training just for The Wealth Chef tribe so you can find out more about how to start and build a super successful online business that will give you all the freedom and impact you desire, like I did.

But first, to give context, a picture, taken at an undisclosed private lodge deep in the African bush.

That is me actually working!

This is what a wealthy life is for me.

Being surrounded by nature in her wildest form is the most creative, inspiring and life giving place for me and I get into her depths as much as I can.

My days are simple, I wake at sunrise and spend 2 to 3 hours out on a game drive with an expert tracker, seeing what wonder nature will reveal today.

An old buffalo, a newborn wildebeest, a herd of elephants digging in the dry riverbed for water, the glory of a fish eagle’s cry which always stirs something deep in my soul…

As the day gets warmer I settle down to work on the deck. Then like the animals I have a wonderful early afternoon siesta, (preceded by some great food of course), followed by some writing and then another sojourn into the wild watching the sky turn crazy reds, oranges and pinks as the sun sets on another magnificent day of being alive.

As each day ends, I give thanks and feel immensely grateful for the choices I have and the joy of being able to live life my way!

Super grateful that I can quite literally have it all.

I am so grateful that thanks to the internet I can have my freedom (which is super important to me)


run the business I love, helping thousands of people all over the world


have income flowing in day and night to make it sustainable and enable me to reach and serve even more people.

It wasn’t always this way…

For 21 years I thought that wasn’t possible.

For 21 years I thought work and business meant having to commute, having to live near where the work was, having to be in fluorescently lit offices with endless rows of cubicles and a few weeks vacation a year to recover and get ready to go back into the trenches.

For 21 years the only business and work model I knew existed in the physical world with physical world limitations and geographic restrictions.

I think that is why I was so determined to create my own financial freedom so I didn’t feel so trapped.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to work.

I actually love “work” when I can do it in a generative, life giving way.

I love being part of something that contributes to the world.

I love being creative, learning new things and connecting with amazing people.

I love being able to make an impact.

What I didn’t know was that there was a way to have it all.





Even when I created my financial freedom I still had no idea how to I could make an impact, contribute and help people with their money stuff without compromising me.

I never imagined I’d discover a way to have freedom to live and work anywhere.

I never imagined I’d know how to reach so many people in so many places around the world,

I never imagined I could do this AND dictate the rhythm of my days,

I never imagined my “commute” would be a game drive with people I love or a walk with my dog,

I never imagined I’d get to connect and hang-out with so many amazing people, enjoy the world’s cultures, meet so many extraordinary students, learn to share and give abundantly without limitations or fear.

And I never imagined I’d get to meet you.

I’m so thankful you read my emails and posts.

I never foresaw Facebook or YouTube, or blogs or webinars or stages or radio and TV.

I just wanted to help others see that their dreams are possible and learn how to make them so by getting in right relationship with their money stuff.

I wanted to help others free themselves from financial constraints and get to experience real wealth and freedom too.

That was it.

And I still have the same desire today…

I’m sharing this because I know you see all my books and posts and courses out there and some snapshots of my travels and galivants around the globe.

But behind it all, maybe you didn’t know there’s this kid still filled with wonder,…

… who still feels lucky to have discovered she didn’t have to choose between work, freedom and impact, and…

… who is in awe of the life she’s been blessed with, a life enabled by being able to create this all ONLINE.

And maybe you never realized that you can have it all too, if you wanted to.

It’s not unrealistic.

I used to build railways before my life as The Wealth Chef.

No one knew me when I began my online business.

I didn’t have a clue how to market or sell or anything about the technical components of building a multi-million dollar online business.

So it’s not like I was special or had some secret advantages or big email list or tons of brilliant ideas.

I think my only competitive advantage was that I didn’t know that I was supposed to have a competitive advantage!

My first videos were awful and my graphics were clip-art kitch with a serious dose of Bollywood bling!

I could be wrong – but maybe YOU have thought about a life like mine.

Maybe you have wanted to get your own online business working hard for you, or you want to work from a laptop somewhere awesome in the world, or have an impact where you inspire the world and share your hard-won knowledge and wisdom.

If that happens to be you, keep reading.

(If it’s not you, I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you anyway.)

I stare across the bushveld watching giraffe, zebra, elephants, lions and precious rhino roam free and I wish everyone could be here, that you could see this, feel the dry sun on your skin, and all the while earn whatever you desire from sharing your knowledge with the world, working on your own art and reaching so many people and, perhaps, pausing from time to time to watch the sun set.

If you are still reading, I have an idea for you.

If you want to have an online business that gives you freedom, and you want a platform as large as mine one day, you probably need to do what I did.

Here’s what I did:

  • I found out what teachers were out there and got to know them by attending live online trainings and webinars;
  • I took a great online course on how to start and build my online business with a teacher I believed not only knew her stuff but had done what I wanted to do;
  • I went to a more specialized seminar that helped me understand marketing and how to communicate my message;
  • I joined a mastermind to stretch and support me; and
  • I believed in my dream, and I took action towards it…

If you’d like to model that, I’ve made it super easy…

I convinced that very same amazing teacher that I first learned how to build an online business with to do a special training for The Wealth Chef  tribe so you can find out more about how to start and build a super successful online business that will give you the freedom and impact like I did.

That fabulous teacher is Bernadette Doyle, creator of Online Profits University and superstar of all things online business AND she is going to give us a free training YEAH!!!!.

Join me and Bernadette for this special Online Business Training

I really hope you give yourself the gift of discovering how you can create a powerful wealth generating online asset that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months of the year so you can be free to do more of real life living.

Sending you love from Africa.

No matter what you do, commit to having it all.

Commit to no longer compromising and believe that you can have it all


because you can.

Big love


P.S. This is another picture of me working!

It was taken just a few weeks ago at another private lodge deep in the African bush, this time with some of my top online business partners having our early morning strategy meeting!

It’s a tough life!!!

But when you’ve got an online business with systems and processes doing the work, it becomes a lot easier.

Join me and Bernadette for this special training to show you how you can do it too!










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