Announcing the 2017 FFU Video Contest Winners!


I just have to say…

I am so humbled by all the amazing entries in our FFU video contest.

It was really hard to narrow down the shortlist to just nine and picking a winner was almost impossible. Every person who chooses to create a better life for themselves, for their family, for their community, and takes action to make it so – is a hero in my eyes. So I had to get my team involved and I also reached out to my followers (ie, you) for help in narrowing it down.

And instead of three winners, I ended up picking four of them.

It’s so cool to see these FFU success stories. I just have to say that this was an incredibly tough competition… and really EVERYONE who entered is extraordinary. These are people who believe in their dreams, and have a deep desire to be free of financial limitations and worries. They took massive action, they chose to walk a new path and  they’re all creating incredible transformations in their lives (and the world) as a result… and that makes them all winners in my book.

But we had to pick our winners, so here we go:

In tied third place is Caroline De Waard who feared that at 58 it was too late for her to create financial freedom. In just one year she created a passive income of  €1500 a month, started a new business in the Netherlands teaching others how to invest in property and visited Barcelona which had been a dream for years , realising now she can have all these adventures she had always dreamed of.

The second third place winner is Nikki Ramskill,  a doctor who realised on her 30th birthday that she needed to learn about money. She used Financial Freedom University to completely transform her own financial reality and is now teaching other Millennials how to do it too.

In 2nd Place is Katherine Reynolds who hated seeing her husband’s health deteriorated from working so hard but they didn’t know any other way. They used their new financial education to create passive income flows in property and online businesses which has completely transformed their lives and their relationship.


First place is …taaa daaaaaa

Caitriona Ellis who used Financial Freedom University to take her and her family from two incomes, stress and not knowing how they would cover their mortgage to – as she puts it –  one income, 3 kids, loads of fun and on track for financial freedom in two years.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a video. In my heart everyone of you is a winner.

My team and I will be in touch with the winners very soon!

And please leave a comment below and congratulate our winners!

Big love,



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