Wealth Pie – The Most Effective Money Management System


Aka The Best Get Rich Quick Strategy in the World!

Wealth Pie is a money management system to divide up the dosh that comes into your life. 

This is the greatest wealth truth there is…

It doesn’t matter what you earn, 

it doesn’t matter how you earn it, 

it doesn’t even matter how you spend it. 

What matters is what you do with it in between the inflow and the outflow. 

How you manage your money, how you allocate it, how you give it guidance and direction so it can support you in your life is the most critical wealth skill that you need to learn.

That’s what this video is all about. Watch it now.

 Our education teaches us how to go out there and earn money. i.e. how to work FOR money.

Advertisers and media tells us how to unconsciously spend our money (and loads of money that isn’t even ours in the form of debt).


What happens between these in’s and out’s determines your relationship with money and whether money can support and serve you or whether it will enslave you. 

Wealth Pie teaches you how to spend money well!

Wealth pie is a money management system which is all about ensuring you allocate different amounts of money to your different life needs and different time frame needs.

The reality is your life needs are diverse and so are your financial needs. 

If you just have one big pile of money, sloshing around, trying to cover all of those needs, it’s never going to be able to do that. 

Imagine having a sports team and nobody has a defined role to play. Everybody’s in the goals or everybody’s a shooter or a kicker or a sprinter or a dribbler (LOL).  It would be like a three-year-old football match where everybody’s chasing the ball and it goes nowhere. It might be funny to watch for a short while but it’s not very successful. 

Like in a sports team where every player has a different, defined role with different objectives and contributions to the success of the whole – your money needs this as well. 

In your Wealthy Pie financial wellbeing team – there are six key players, which we’ll refer to as pots. 

Every bit of money that comes into your life gets allocated to one of these pots to serve a specific function in your financial wellbeing. 

These are:

  1. 10% to your FREEDOM pot where you pay yourself first and invest that money into assets;
  2. 10% to your SAVE TO SPEND pot where you keep money with the intention to spend it on something later;
  3. 10% to your GROWTH pot to ensure you keep expanding you (not just with chocolate ;)) so you have the capacity to hold the wealth you are creative and live your greatest life;
  4. 10% to your JOY pot which is ensuring you PLAY and have FUN, something many of us need to be reminded about.
  5. 55% to your NECESSITY pot, which covers your day to day lifestyle costs
  6. 5% to your GIVING pot, to remind you that there is ALWAYS enough to give to others and those things you care about and expand your heart and soul.

The full Wealth Pie ‘recipe’ is given in detail in The Wealth Chef book.


If you don’t yet have your copy of The Wealth Chef get your copy now, and with it you get all the tools and spreadsheets to manage your money and apply all the recipes for wealth too.

Go to www.thewealthchefbook.com to see where you can get your copy in your country and when you’ve bought the book remember to go back to that page and claim your free 30 day Money makeover too.


If you already have your own copy of The Wealth Chef book, why not give the gift of financial liberation to everyone you care about. Get them a copy of the Wealth Chef book and tell them to go to www.thewealthchefbook.com and they will get the 30 day Money Makeover free too.

A very special woman, Helen Nicolson, founder of the Networking Company runs incredible women’s empowerment workshops for corporate companies all over the world. Check her out if you don’t yet know her.

Helen is a wise woman!  She knows there cannot be empowerment without financial competency and literacy. 

That is why she has a standing order of The Wealth Chef books and every woman who graduates from one of her facilitated programmes gets a copy of The Wealth Chef to ensure this area of her life is also covered. 

So there you have it, Wealth Pie – Wealth recipe #1, because if you can’t manage your money you will never be able to create and sustain your wealthy life.

This principle is really important to understand and having worked with thousand, thousand people I know this to be absolutely true.

Our wealth can only grow in direct proportion to our ability to manage, hold onto and invest the money that comes into our lives. 

How you handle money between the inflow and the outflow, is going to have a direct impact on how much of that money you get to keep and how your wealth grows. So ensure you keep expanding you and your money skills.

There is also no better way to learn something than to teach it. So teach Wealth Pie to someone you care about.

In the comments below I would love you to tell me:

  • Which of these pots do you already have in your life and which ones don’t? 
  • Are you good at the JOY pot and if not what is one FUN thing you commit to do to fill up your JOY tank?
  • Are you Paying yourself first and ensuring you commit to your freedom?
  • Does getting your necessities down to 55% feel scary or crazy, or are you there already? 

Please share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for advice, insight and inspiration as they create their juicy financially free lives too.

 Your ideas and shares may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough and perhaps give someone else the courage to take the step they need to take to be free and have the courage to feel incompetent.

 Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your juiciest life.

Remember, your freedom is created just one step at a time and Wealth Pie is an important step. 

 With huge love



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  • Naledi says:

    Hi Ann

    I just watched this video. The reality of how far I am hit hard but at least I do realise where I am. So far, I have a necessity pot which is more than 55% :-l, a giving pot not sure of it’s % and a very small fun pot, sometimes skip the fun completely actually. But nice thing about the videos you give us is that I’m working on the Freedom pot and growth. I’ve made significant progress in decreasing my debt so one of these days, I’ll have my balanced Pie :).

  • sphesihle Gama says:

    Hi Ann

    Thank you for reminding me of the different pots especially the fun pot, because as mothers we tend to neglect ourselves and put our children first. Moving forward I am going to spend the fun pot money on myself only.
    Thank you for such a great video.


  • Chrystene McAdams says:

    Loved this Ann. We have diligently been saving, spreading our assets, have a very low necessities pot but this made me realise we have been neglecting the joy pot. This is so important otherwise we are waiting for joy in the future and not living for joy in the now. Beautiful wisdom as always, much thanks

  • Andrea says:

    Three years in and I still struggle to get my necessities down to 55% and I’m still trying to work out what fun is as most of the things I do to grow are things I find fun, so struggle to separate these. But 10% of wage straight to pyf and my emergency fund is in place and my save to spend gave me a lovely holiday break where I spent my fun money on boat trips 😁
    Thank you for changing my conversation with money 😘xx

  • Martina says:

    Hi Ann,thank you so much for this video and what you are teaching- in general! I never came over a person with so much wisdom and skill and knowledge AND the ability to share this understandable! So -after watching this video: I’m in the same situation as my pre-writer. At the moment it is really not possible to do this managing with 10% of my income- so I’ll have to start with much more less percentage, but I’m sure I can increase this very soon. About contributing- at the moment I can only contribute in time- just now taking care and managing life for my daughter who had a surgery and cannot move. And the first half year I (and many others!) spend lots of time to help equipping a ballet school for a big performance- a completely fulfilling action. So this are things I love to do, and as soon as my own pot is better filled up I’ll contribute also with money to help others. It is so good to learn all these things- Thank you from my heart!

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Oh Martina, thank you so much for sharing this with me. My heart goes out to you and your daughter and I am sending you both deep love to travel this particular part of your life journeys with compassion and courage.
      Start your wealth pie practice which what ever you can. It’s the habit that counts.

  • Grateful says:

    I’m not yet in the situation to have enough to be able to give 10% or divide anything into pots. 😭 But… I haven’t given up working and learning towards that goal. I love everything you are teaching… And what I particularly loved about today’s video was when you reminded me that my time contribution is of so much value. Recently I coached a family who couldn’t make ends meet. They actually did have enough funds but hadn’t ever developed any sort of organized financial habits.

    Through everything I’ve learned I was able to donate my time and experience to get them stable and then direct them where to find more learnings.

    I hadn’t really given myself any acknowledgement for that… But recognizing how valuable my charitable actions are makes me feel more of a giver and not quite so stuck.

    Thank you! ❤️

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Oh I love this, and firstly – thank you for paying it forward and teaching others as this is the most powerful way to embed the learnings in our own lives too and secondly for acknowledging yourself – that is a huge step.

      I also want to challenge you on the statement – I do not yet have enough to divide anything into pots. You actually do. Even if you took a small amount of money and divided that up – it’s about creating a habit and practice of giving money direction. That’s what’s more important that the amount you’re doing it with.


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