{VIDEO} Is your paradigm holding you back?


A hot and dusty hello from Riyadh in Saudi!

Confession time! I never imagined I would spend time here and my perspective was that the Middle East has nothing that juices me and certainly nothing to teach me – after all they treat women like S*#t!

With grudging obligation – “I have to support my husband and at least visit him once” – I got on the plane, with my black abaya (Christmas gift from my man) in my hand luggage – expecting to have my model of the world confirmed, feel hostility all around, and pretty much dislike the place. I was a little fearful too – what if I did something wrong by mistake and ended up being carted off by the religious police? Not to mention Saudi is at war at the moment!

And then the shift started to happen – The Paradigm Shift 🙂

Paradigm means “a pattern or model; the accepted perspective.”  Our paradigms create the lens through which we see and experience the world (good, bad, juicy or parched). What we see isn’t an accurate reflection of reality, it is shaped by our attitudes, beliefs and perceptions.  Paradigms are natural and inevitable, and they are useful to us in many ways. BUT sometimes our paradigms don’t serve us and cause us to miss out on many awesome opportunities and much of the juice life has to offer.

Shifting our paradigms sheds a new light on our world, gives us a new perspective and offers the opportunity to find new meaning to things around us. But a shift needs movement, needs a new angle and needs us to be open to the possibility that…

         “What I believe with certainty, may just not be so”

In this video I share a mini-paradigm shift and why I love exploring new and unfamiliar places and experiencing, including those I didn’t believe I would enjoy. They always change my lens.

For so many people investing in the stock market is their “Saudi Arabia”.

  • “I could lose everything so I’ll stay away”; 
  • “My husband told me it is dangerous so I won’t find out for myself”; 
  • “I have no control over where my money goes and it could go to a business I don’t ethically support so I’ll stay away”; 
  • “I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake and get myself into trouble”
  • “I’ve got no money spare so I’ll stay away”…

Have you had a paradigm shift after visiting a new environment of having a new experience? Are there some beliefs you need to consider shedding a new light on?

I’ll love to hear your views.



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  • joyce says:

    Hi there. Have been living/working in Saudi Arabia for many years. Summers are a challenge, you have to be courageous!

  • Paul says:

    Hie! Nice to hear from You! Will be leaving for Malawi on 15th of may.and I hope your book will be of great help as I will be exproling other adventures (business)

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