Your Unique Recipe For Living A Wealthy Life with Bill Baren


Living an abundant wealthy life isn’t about working hard for money, it’s about learning how to get your money working hard for you.

It’s also about learning how to squeeze the most value out of every resource you have at your disposal AND directing those resources to create more of the experiences that bring you true life expanding joy.

This is what Bill Baren and I discuss in this episode on his podcast The Big Shift: The Business of Creating A Difference.

We also discuss the common ingredients every person must have in their unique financial freedom recipe to create financial freedom which I expand on in The Wealth Chef book

And we take it a juicy step further…

Creating financial freedom is a prerequisite to living a fully wealthy life but it doesn’t guarantee one. To create and live a wealthy life requires a deep understanding of what the bleep actually thrills you and fulfils you and once you know this you get to add your unique wealthy life ingredients into your wealthy life recipe.

And as you’ll discover in this fabulous interview, building wealth is really about self-love and acceptance, and the three asset classes you need to invest in to create your own financial feast!

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I’ve got a little confession to make. I’m actually quite a Bill Baren groupie and when I received the email asking me to be on his podcast I squealed like a little piglet!

If this is your first time connecting with Bill I think you’re going to be delighted to have found a great source of inspiration and learning.

Bill is an incredible transformational business coach who helps conscious business owners make more money with their gifts by enrolling all the clients they want so they can make the difference they are here to make.

He is also a brilliant thinker and in this conversation, I loved his take on uncertainty and its role in living an extraordinary life.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it with Bill … so to speak ?.

Big love






Bill has just released a new PDF report that shows you how to get started with creating and selling high end packages.

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