Touching Story: She Is Making Her Dad Proud



This is Debbie’s story…



“Anna, my daughter, is probably one of the main reasons why I enrolled for Financial Freedom University.

I realised that I had some pretty awful money management, well, money mismanagement habits, that I’ve learned probably from my own parents, and that I needed to unlearn, and not pass on.

When I started FFU, I was very traumatised, and grieving. My father, who was easily my best friend, had died a couple of months earlier, and what had made the loss of him so sad, was that we all knew that he never really lived the life that he wanted to.

He hadn’t lived the life he wanted largely because of debts, bad business choices, bad financial habits, and maybe just not knowing any better.

Seeing his dreams go to the grave with him made me realised that I needed to learn more, and do better for myself and for my children, and to somehow even honour his legacy.

I could honour him by living more than what he was able to with the choices that he had made.

As so I decided to change the path for me and my family by learning from Ann Wilson through FFU.

Ann is an incredible teacher, she has a way of getting people to understand things that they never before would have thought possible.

I now invest on the stock market on a regular basis and I understand what that means and how to do it properly.

I’ve created an online business and am looking into all sorts of passive businesses too.

I always thought these things were the domain of other people, I didn’t think it was really possible for somebody with such limited knowledge of such things.

FFU seemed expensive when I joined. But really it’s cheap when you get going. That’s the reality of it.

When I was about to enrol, I asked a friend who’d done it previously what she thought, and she said…

“Babe, you’ll make it back, really, it’s not that much money, you’ll make it back.”

And I thought that was a little bit whimsical and evangelical, but it’s absolutely been the case.

Ann just teaches you how to save your money. She teaches you how to save it, how to spend it wisely, and how to make so much more back so you can invest it and create real wealth.

Financial Freedom University has been an invaluable investment to me, I haven’t regretted it once, which is huge.”


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