Today Is The Perfect Day To Do This


There are two moments in the year when the sun is exactly above the equator.

Two moments when the day and night are of equal lengths. 

Today is one of them.

A moment of equilibrium.

A moment to reflect and plan.

In the southern hemisphere today is the Vernal Equinox. 

The first day of spring. The marking of the end of the dark hibernating period and into a stage of renewal, planting, creating and growth.

In the northern hemisphere today is the Autumnal Equinox. 

The first day of fall or autumn. The marking of the time for harvesting and getting ready to hunker down during the dark cold months ahead. 

Wherever you are, whether you are headed into winter or into summer, today offers an opportunity to stop in this moment of balance and reflect on where we have been and where we are headed.

Think about your past, your now and your future.

Think about the season that has just ended. Think about all the dimensions of you – your work, your play, your loving, your creativity, your environment, your health, your wealth …

😸 What are you proud about?

😎 What did you achieve?

😍 What choices did you make that changed your life for the better?

🤐 What did you not do that you thought you would? 


Then come to now. What sort of life have these choices created?

👉 Are you delighted with your life right now?

👉 Are you excited about where you are spending your precious time?

👉 Are you calm and at peace with how your financial wellbeing is panning out?

👉 Is your financial freedom on track?

👉 Are your actions (or inaction) of this past season creating the life (and wealth) you want?

👉 Do you have your wealthy life plan clear in your mind and the knowledge and support in place to make it happen?

👉 Is your plan unfolding as you want and need it to?

👉 Are you aligned with your loved ones on where you are headed and what is important to you?

👉 Do you feel financially secure?

👉 Are you living YOUR life fully?


Now turn to your life that is still to come. 

💖 What do you need to do to ensure you are creating a life that is worthy of the gift of life you have been given?

These reflections are not always comfortable. Yet this is how we take stock of where we have been and where we are headed. This is the data we need so we can make the necessary adjustments to live a designed life – not a drifted life.

We move at speeds, physically, mentally and emotionally that often result in us being way off from where WE are.

It is easy to get out of touch with ourselves.  It is easy to lose sight of what is actually going on in our world and the state of our lives.

This out of touch-ness can be “good” or “bad”; “better” or “worse”. 

Perhaps you are in a better financial position than you think you are but you aren’t giving yourself the space and time to do the numbers and know that so you keep slogging away.

Perhaps you are already at the harvesting phase of your financial journey but because you aren’t taking stock you still think you’re in the planting stage so the actions you are taking are not what you or your finances need right now. 

Perhaps you are in a worse financial situation than you thought and you’re headed to some seriously rocky times if you don’t course correct?

Do you know where you really are at this moment of equilibrium?

We can’t know what our next best step is if we don’t know where we are.

I hope you take a moment or two today to take stock and come back to the truth of YOU and your life right now so that your next steps in this new season are your best steps. 

I hope you reflect on those questions and have the courage to answer them honestly – after all – what’s the point of lying to ourselves.

💃 Brag about your wins. 

🎉 Celebrate your successes. 

😳 Own your mistakes. 

🎓 Get data from the past and use this to adjust your course.

🎇 Decide what this next season will be about for you.

💞 Commit to living the greatest version of your incredible life.


I’ve been doing exactly this today too. These are some of my reflections.

💃 I brag that I’m drawing on all my life’s learning to be in the most magical, conscious, loving, sensual, fun, sexy, connected and expansive intimate relationship and giving it the space and time and energy it requires.

 💃 I brag that I’m having fun and making space for play and joy. 

 🎊 I celebrate that I am fit and healthy and loving using my body to experience life and nature.

My first little rapid as part of training to do a river race next month. And I stayed upright!


A magnificent three day hike high in the Drakensberg Mountain – complete with carrying our home on our backs. 

🎉 I celebrate that I have the financial resources to do all these things and an amazing team to hold the fort whilst I go and play. 

I would love to know what some of your reflections are too. .

In the comments below  – share your past seasons wins, brags and celebrations 

Here’s to a spectacular next season


Loads of love


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