The Simplest Way to Protect Your Money


You’ve been told your entire life not to put all your eggs in one basket.

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But when it comes to their money, investors often ignore this wisdom…

…not because they don’t care about their own wellbeing or because they never want the option of being able to retire…

But because of ignorance!

Not because we’re dim, but because we are not taught fundamental financial resilience skills…


Portfolio design – “what the bleep is a portfolio, why do I need one and what goes in it”

Asset allocation – “what the bleep is that, what different types of assets should I be allocating and how the bleep do I do that”

Asymmetric risk management – “what the bleep is that, what are the risks I should be thinking about and managing and how the bleep do I do that”

There are lots of bleeps, I know , but it makes me bleeping mad that we aren’t taught this foundational stuff.

According to a study by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), most Americans can’t correctly answer basic financial literacy questions… including how to manage portfolio risk.

I bet if we rolled that survey out to the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia, middle east, far east…
… the results would be equally dismal.

The report states:

In real language:

And right now, with all the havoc being caused by Covid, massive money printing by governments and tectonic shifts in the economic landscape, that picture is way worse.

With huge levels of financial illiteracy and people not understanding portfolio design and management,….

With most people not knowing what a structured and risk managed drawdown strategy is, let alone how to do it and draw off income from their assets in a way that protects themselves, their investment and their peace of mind…

People are panicking and doing crazy dangerous things that will harm their financial wellbeing for a long time to come.

That is why I am holding an emergency live training to walk you through the principles of:

  • Multi Asset portfolio design
  • Asymmetrical risk managed asset allocation models
  • And what a risk managed drawdown strategy is and why you need one.

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Looking forward to seeing you and supporting you to get a robust and cutting edge portfolio working hard for you.

Big love,


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