The Power of Giving – The Secret of an Abundant Life


On a recent retreat in Ecuador I had the privilege of witnessing a moving example of unconditional giving and most beautifully unconditional receiving. This was an act between two shaman, the one giving the other a treasured possession and the other receiving it with joy.

The details of what was given and how it all went down matter less than the deep impact it had on me and the gift of reminding me how confused we often get about the acts of giving and receiving and the role they play in living abundantly and yes – achieving financial freedom.

Giving is one of the most powerful principles of all time.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It’s not new.

But do you actually do it? If you do give, do you do it in a big way, in a loving and trusting way, and without strings attached and expectations of some sort of trade? I used to resist giving, too. If I gave at all, it was a tiny amount. It took me a long time to realize that my not giving, or not giving freely, was sending messages to my mind such as “There isn’t enough,” “I won’t get any more,” “I might need this for an emergency,” “I feel safer with this in my pocket,” and so it goes. All fear based thoughts. All self-fulfiling prophecies.

Guess what? The more you hold on to that old limited thinking, the harder it really is to attract money and have it stay in your life. Your scarcity mindset simply won’t let it in.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

What can you do about that?

The marketer Dan Kennedy said – “The window you receive through is made bigger by the window you give through.”

Want to receive more? Then give more. It’s that simple.

But beware. There’s a lot of self-sabotage in this area.

I my own wealth studies, I kept coming across the power of giving and why it is some important to give but I still resisted. I understood the concept but I still made excuses.

I told myself that when I had reached a certain net worth, I would give. When I had “enough” income coming in then I would be in a position to contribute financially.

This kind of outlook never allows someone to give. This is because of our complex human nature which drives us us to seek for more, no matter what we may already have. The urge to get more never ends. Giving is a wealth habit and like all the other wealth habits I teach you must practice them  to become wealthy not once your there. If you think you will suddenly find giving a percentage of what you make easier when you have loads, think again. You must start with what ever you have.

Another excuse I’ve heard is this:

“The company I work for gives some of their profits to charities, so I am giving through them.”

No, you’re not. Giving is when you give directly; when it comes out of your pocket.

And this, “I can’t afford to give money, so I give time and services gratis.”

That’s a type of giving and giving of yourself and your time is awesome. But, if you are wanting to increase your wealth it’s money you need to give.

I’ve also heard people say, “I’d give if I knew where to give.”

There is absolutely no shortage of opportunities to give. Give wherever you receive spiritual nourishment or where you get inspiration or to a cause you believe in. You know who inspired you today. You can be on the alert for who inspires you tomorrow. Just give.

And this one, “I feel uneasy giving money. I don’t know what they’ll do with it.”

Giving isn’t about needing to control what happens to the gift. The shamen wasn’t giving the gift with a whole bunch of instruction about what the other needed to do with it. Bob Proctor once said, “They can burn the money as far as I care.” Once you give it, it’s no longer yours. Let go. Trust.

When I first started giving money, I felt uncomfortable. I was leaving my comfort zone and pushing all my security boundaries. I was stretching limiting beliefs about there being enough until they finally snapped and dissolved. At that point, I started to receive money is a significantly bigger way.

Some might argue that I can give because I’m now wealthy, but that would be overlooking the fact that I got wealthy by giving in the first place.

I got wealthy by giving. I got wealthy by giving my all, by giving massive value in everything I do, by giving my money the attention and nurturing environment it needs to expand and grow and serve me and I got wealthy by giving and trusting that there is enough, that more will always flow in and that there is always enough to give.

“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.” 
– Kahlil Gibran

Giving is one of the most heart-expanding and exhilarating feelings. Being able to give drives me to create more, earn more, and make m money work harder.

You and I know one of the greatest money-attracting and life-enhancing secrets of all time: giving. And yes, you can get rich giving.

But the only way to find out if this really works is to actually go do it.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”
~ Anthony Robbins

One of the amazing charities we support is charity:water

If you haven’t heard of charity: water, be prepared to be inspired.  

charity:water is an amazing nonprofit transforming people’s lives through one of the most vital elements of life – WATER.

charity:water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world, improving health, education, and opportunity – especially for women who’s “job” it is to trek for miles every day, lugging water to villages. Thanks to charity:water – millions of women and girls are freed from this ‘water’ slavery enabling them to have significantly better quality lives which in turn allows all of us to benefit from their real value being brought into the world..

The founder, Scott Harrison’s story is in itself pure inspiration.

Please give yourself this gift of inspiration by watching the story of charity:water now.  





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  • Isaac preacher says:

    thanks for this awesome message.. pls can one sow seed with borrowed money?? is there a result if it’s borrowed??

  • Fuashi Alfred biyinde says:

    Waoooooooo! I’m glad to read your article about giving. The verb to “give” comes from the verb to “love”.God loved us and gave his only begotten son to set us free.Giving should be done with much love and not by force. Thanks

  • Kingsley says:

    Thanks for the wonderful message on giving….it’s simple what do you have in your hands, Are you satisfied to have that as your harvest? If not then make it a seed, you can eat your harvest but not your seed. God is love,we show love by giving.

  • Ephraim says:

    I like giving to needy on the street .
    My guestion is where to give and who to give cause I used to give to people I met on the street?

  • Beatric Anary says:

    Thank you for writing this article about giving. It really motivates me. God bless you.

  • Yolisa Dlepu says:

    Giving is receiving..

  • Heather says:

    It is better to give than to receive. I love to give with a cheerful heart. Even though i am a widow now and live from disability income I still give big from my little. You will never lack if you give with love.

  • Dean de Chazal says:

    I understand this. Seems easier for a rich person, seems almost impossible for me. But giving need not only be cash, effort, time, sharing could all be the same give. This is my hope with Donald Trump, more will have more will get.. how exactly it fizzles down this way is any body’s guess. I dream about spoiling the poorer with large cash, and recording the transaction, for the joy of both sides. The act of giving has much joy. Just find someone very poor, and hand over 1000… and record it and share those images and encourage others to follow…

  • Nosabata Nkuna says:

    Thank you so much for this teaching of giving. Much appreciated.

  • Maggy says:

    Thank you this is so inspiring I used to give money and find it fulfilled I just stopped my concern is that I think I was giving with string attached I need help

  • Lisa Lemena says:

    Woow! Thank you. I need more revelation about giving. I was giving but not giving my capacity of giving has increased.. glory to God…I’m so excited.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you for the article. I struggle with the concept of giving now as I joined a family business that has a pile of debt, I have managed to stop creating new debt and building wealth, however how does giving fit in when we owe soo many people monies?

    Thank you

  • Frazer Mbili says:

    Greetings! Thank you for this. Aim a professional fuindraiser. The more i give the more funders I get.

  • Gold Agama. says:

    “life is giving,giving is life”. The value of one’s life is equal to the quality and quantity you give.

  • Deon says:

    I helped 2 friends today with my time and a bit of money. I owe quite a a bit of debt, as one of my businesses failed. I’m currently repaying the loans. Today the one creditor phoned me and told me they gonna write off half the debt. Just think its got something to do with spending half the day helping 2 friends without wanting anything in return. Think the universe has some powerful forces. Just though I’d share it. nice article btw.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Woooo Deon – ROCK ON ABUNDANCE – giving and receiving – two sides of the same coin!!! Yes I too believe your generosity and your debt being halved is linked. Even if it isn’t – giving abundantly without having expectations of something in return or needing it to be a barter or trade brings great joy and with joy we feel better about life and ourselves and when we feel good about ourselves and life we have more energy and creativity and so we find solutions to challenges and the upward spiral expands. There is a wonderful quote – ” A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” – when we help others to rise we cannot not lift up ourselves.

  • shem terem says:

    Giving is my theme for the year

  • Tshediso says:

    When you give u will receive…no compromise.

  • sii Mavia says:

    This is so great. I thank God for letting you reach me.
    Am a changed person now. giving is my first priority from today. God bless you

  • Odoh Fidel Chinonso says:

    Give and it shall be given unto you. Says the Lord.

  • Obioma Ezekiel says:

    what inspired you to start giving

  • alcene says:

    Am very touched,someone said, you can give without loving but you can never love without giving.the joy of giving is greater than receiving

  • richie says:

    It’s a wonderful thing to give and to offer a helping hand. I always feel invigorated doing so. I entreat everyone to cultivate the habit of giving. For it is Divine to do so.
    However, let’s not forget that there is trial in every good thing. Nerver stop! no matter what.

  • Appiah Samuel says:

    God said giving is good, than receive….. 🙂

  • Ralph Ogle says:

    Inspired to continue giving more.

  • Mzwandile Sobantu says:

    What an empowering message on giving and the art of the practice

  • Bhambatha Nhlapo says:

    Wooow powerful insight, definitely broadened my sight and impacting my giving..amen

  • Adjei boakye richmond says:

    Am very touched and it seems am divinely convinced

  • Gladys says:

    indeed God loves a cheerful giver,am so blessed so I started sharing with my friends in my small way of showing kindness..

  • Kingsley says:

    I love thus article.. A friend ones told me that there’s a great secret behind giving and that word alone changed my life… Giving has a great power.

  • bertha says:

    there is joy and fulfilment in giving

  • Refilwe Malatji says:

    giving is power,its deciding what u want, if its money u want to attract then giving is the answer

  • emmanuel mnjowe says:

    thanks. this has encouraged me. indeed giving is powerful

  • falodun seye says:

    Am happy to know the truth about giving.

  • Linda says:

    Giving can open opportunities for you. What you give you will get back. Take care of someone in need and god will take care of you.

  • ozy says:

    I always feel happy and relief when i give.
    There is joy in giving.

  • Saimon says:

    wow as i read through your article i felt it was me u were talking about ,this has really helped and changed my perspective on giving

  • Obioma chibueze says:

    Thanks for this motivating article

  • Sophia says:

    It is a good article. I feel good when I give a donation, no matter how small or big it is. It is nice knowing that you are helping another person(s). It is also nice to donate items periodically that I may no longer be using. Sometimes we can get attached to items that we no longer need. I think sometimes the feeling of wanting to ‘hoard’ may be due to thinking that you are lacking or experiencing lacking. By letting go, it can give opportunity to receiving new things. More money 🙂


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