The Freedom Paradox


THE PARADOX: Frameworks Create Freedom and 

Freedom Needs Frameworks

The #1 reason people give me for wanting to become financially savvy and learn how to succcessfully invest is to create more freedom in their life.

Unpacking this high level term “freedom” I’ve discovered there are just 4 primary types of freedom… 

  • TIME FREEDOM: Freedom to spend your time however you want;
  • LOCATION FREEDOM: Freedom to be wherever you want
  • ASSOCIATION FREEDOM: Freedom to be with whoever you want
  • PURPOSE FREEDOM: Freedom to use your life force in the way that brings you the most meaning and joy

All of this talk of freedom and doing what we want, when we want, with whomever we want, how we want feels liberating, and boundless.

Off my newest freedom journeyers set, armed with a copy of The Wealth Chef Book to show them how to get all this freedom and very soon…

 …I get a big BUTT(not the juicy asset type BUTT unfortunately), but the BUT of…

… “BUT ANN, all of this money management stuff I have to do feels anything but free.

I’ve got my Wealth Pie, and I’m dividing my money up into different areas, and now I’ve discovered I need to have a Money Date and get intimate with my money so I  know what’s coming in and what’s going out. 

I’m being a conscious spender and tracking my spending and seeing where it’s going to. I’m updating my balance sheet to see what’s happening with my liabilities and my assets. 

I’m feeling like I’ve got all these limitations and restrictions, the opposite of freedom. The opposite of what I’m trying to get to.” 

Welcome, to the paradox of freedom. 

Understanding this paradox will truly set you free and it’s what this video is all about.  Watch is now

So what is the Freedom Paradox.

First and foremost, I want you to know that if you’re feeling this –  great that is absolutely fine, this is good news. 

Whenever you start something new it’s going to feel difficult. It’s going to feel clunky. 

Your entire relationship with money, with what you’ve been doing with it up to this point has become an automatic, unconscious behaviour. Very little conscious energy is needed to do these old money behaviours. 

Now you’re learning a new way of being with money. So, the very first step that happens is that you become conscious of your incompetence around this. 

It feels difficult. It feels like you’ve got to give more of your energy and your focus to learning a new set of behaviours and patterns. So when you notice that, celebrate that. Because it’s showing you, new things are happening. You’re creating a different way of being with your money. 

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

But there’s another thing we need to talk about. For many people, the story of freedom means “free to do anything”. 

We think freedom means no boundaries, no limitations, no edges.  That isn’t freedom, it’s NO-THING.

Imagine there’s this amazing river flowing. It brings life and vitality to the place it flows through with the energy of the water flowing in its path. 

Rivers containing the life giving water are amazing. They can cut through rocks and land and shape our entire world.


A river is only a river because it has river banks. 

It wouldn’t be a river if it didn’t have a boundary created by the river banks. It wouldn’t be able to flow and create life and have expression and movement, if it didn’t have those restrictions.

A puddle going nowhere. 

That is the real paradox of freedom. 

If we truly want real freedom, we need to create conscious boundaries that direct our life force, our time and our energy.

It’s our frameworks, our edges, our river banks, our boundaries, our money management systems, our investment rules that are the things that give us our freedom. 

This is why we super conscious spenders and take pride in directing where our money flows. 

Wealth pie is a framework. It’s putting banks on the flow of money through your life. 

Frameworks create freedom. 

Frameworks around our time. 

Frameworks around our spending.

Frameworks around our energy.

Does your time, energy and money flow to whoever or whatever is shouting the loudest? 

Notice where your energy, money or time is leaking – this is a great indication that you’ve got a weak river bank that needs reinforcing.

In the comments below I’d love to know where in your life do you need to put in some river banks? 

  • Is it with your kids? 
  • is it your time?
  • Is it your energy? 
  • is it your money? 

Or, maybe you are great with boundaries, if share with in which areas of your life do you have awesome river banks and how do you keep them strong.

So until next time, keep living that amazing, juicy life.


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