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Imagine if …

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... you could reduce your outgoings by at least 15% without reducing your quality of life?

if all these were true, would that be something worth discovering?

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So what exactly is Squeeze the Juice?

Squeeze the Juice is a super effective 30 Day Money Saving Bootcamp during which you’re going to discover just how much more value you can get from the money already in your life!

YES, Ann! I’m ready to Squeeze the Juice and liberate at least 15% from my current outgoings without reducing my quality of life for an investment of only $97.

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With Squeeze The Juice you’re going to save at least 15% off your monthly expenses so you have more to do more with!

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A Note from Ann …

The universe has a powerful principle..

"You get more when you can show that you can manage what you already have"

Squeezing the Juice will transform your life.

Not only will it give you back loads of money, it also gets you fantastically conscious about what is flowing through your life, it shows you the choices you are making and the impact of those choices, it provides you with the tools and skills to become a great leader to your money and gets you getting more from what is already flowing through your life.

The impact of this on your financial well-being is incredible and the ripple effect will go on serving you well beyond your 30 days of squeezing.

Start Squeezing today and reap the benefits for years to come!

No risk to you


I understand I can use Squeeze the Juice obligation free.

I will receive daily online access to the Squeeze the Juice Bootcamp and if I'm not 100% satisfied, I'll get all my money back no questions asked.

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Discover just how much you can save by starting your Squeeze the Juice Challenge today!

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Journeys are better shared. 

When you join the Squeeze the Juice Challenge you also become part of an amazing community of fellow Squeezers sharing their tactics and showing you how you can get more. This support and community is priceless and is one of the reasons why the Squeeze the Juice online bootcamp is so successful.


Earnings Disclaimer

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