Smiling Under the Indian Ocean


Half way across Tofo Bay in Mozambique, the crystal clear ocean sprays its saltiness over us as we skim across the surface of the Indian Ocean on our way to Manta Reef.  The sight of the Indian Ocean stretching out ahead of us, the rush from the wind and the speed of the RIB, the sun turning the spray into little salt flakes on our skin, and the excitement of the upcoming dive took me instantly to one of those “Bliss Attack” moments. You know those times when every part of you is saturated with bliss, gratitude and wonder.  After a few more bumps and waves we were at our spot – floating above one of the most famous manta cleaning stations in the world.

Manta reef attracts huge manta rays of up to 7m in wing span who circle and hover above the reef wall to allow small fish, like Goldies, Cleaner Wrasse and Butterfly fish, to remove parasites from their body.


The top of the reef is quite flat with beautiful soft corals. The walls provide shelter for large schools of yellow snapper, barracuda, bigeyes, fusiliers, hundreds of bright blue, red-tooth trigger fish, tiny goldies, fairy basslets and so on. Large potato and other groupers inhabit overhangs and small caverns, along with large trumpet fish, green turtles, sweetlips and so on. The list of marine life is endless.

indian_ocean_ann_wilson-3The cracks and crevices are home to scorpion fish, morays (giant, honeycomb, geometric, yellow-edge and white mouth…), crocodile fish, Spanish dancers and a whole array of nudibranches and cowries.






No Sho’t Left

At this point in the Wealth Snack, I’d normally take a sho’t left ** onto Investing Boulevard and begin relating the magnificence of the ocean and the mantas to anything financial.

But I’m not going to Sho’t Left in this snack. Instead, I’m going to glorify the moment exactly as it was. The abundance of nature and the interconnectedness of all the different forms and creatures needed to make it all work.

I love investing and getting my money working hard for me, but this was one of those experiences I invest for — a reward for all of the hard work, learning, and deliberate practice of conscious wealth habits. Dave and I are able to fly half way across the world to Mozambique and spend two glorious weeks in the sun, on divine beaches all on our own and experience some of the best diving in the world because we have mastered the recipes for wealth and consistently practice the habits of a Wealth Chef by spending less than we earn and making our money work hard for us by saving and investing.

Watching Dave relax and laugh with the boat crew I felt myself break into a great big grin. That smile was entirely organic, a gesture of pure appreciation. This is why I am good with money, this is why I invest, this is why it is so important to me to share what I’ve learned so others can feel this freedom and joy too.


The Wealthy Bottom Line


Those reefs and the life on them go about the practice of living each and everyday. They have done so for millions of years and I hope will go on for millions of more. Manta rays first appeared in fossil records approximately 4.8 million years ago. Being in the midst of this teaming world of colour and life, reminds me that my experience is but a grain in the infinite sands of time and paradoxically how precious it is and how important I make every moment count.

I can only hope their beauty and magnificence have brought similar joyful revelations to other who have had the privilege for a moment to be a part of their world.

More specifically, I hope you have had a “Bliss Attack” or two in your wealth creation journey— an incident that reminded you of the adventures and memories, you being great with your money and providing it the leadership it needs, make possible. And of the people and experiences that make the process, that can sometimes feel tough, so worthwhile.

Thoughts? Comments? “Bliss Attack” moments of your own? Please share them below.

** “Sho’t Left” is derived from South African “taxi lingo”. A commuter wanting a ride to a destination close by will say “Sho’t left, driva” – meaning, I want to jump off just around the corner.





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  • Cheryl Schneider says:

    Hi Ann, You describe the magic so well. Know Mozambiqiue well but never visited this wonderful piece of paradise. Will definitely make a plan, though,since am living in KZN which you know well. Bliss indeed !

  • Lorraine Aveling says:

    What bliss Ann, thanks for sharing and reminding us.


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