How To Set Up Your Online Passive Income Business


You can have a fantastic product or service aligned to a market with demand and money in it. You can have awesome branding and amazing customer service. BUT if nobody knows your business, product or service exists, if you don’t have an automated way to deliver the product or service and if you have no way to generate revenue from it you are dead in the water! More specifically your business is dead so is your dream of having a business asset kicking off income to fuel your financial freedom!

Letting that happen to you is not an option!

That is why in Part 3 of this Online Passive Income Stream Business mini training series is all about how to put the marketing and sales system in place so your online business runs on autopilot making it truly passive. You’ll learn the fundaments of online marketing so that people know your product or service exists and how to deliver that product or service automatically via online systems.

This video is all about Online Marketing systems and understanding the different components you need in place to run a successful and financially abundant passive online business.

Watch the video now.


Now that you understand the different components that make up an online passive income stream business you will need to select the soft ware programmes needed to deliver that specific requirement.

Many people ask me about the different tools I use in my online business in these different components. I have tried many different tools and there are hundreds of different options available to you. But the problem with choice is the sheer overwhelm of how to choose which often prevents people from ever starting.

So these are the tools I use and recommend for each component of my online business. I hope they save you hours of frustration:

Lead Generation Capture:

I use now use Kartra and Kajabi to create all my opt-in forms and lead magnet pages.

When I am doing launches I also use Kartra for all my video player pages. I used to use Leadpages, but Kajabi and Kartra have advances significantly and it made sense to consolidate to firstly simplify things and secondly save money. After all, keeping your operational expenses down adds to your profit.

Email management, Email delivery, Client management, Sales Pages and Payment Cart:

I used to use Infusionsoft for my CRM and email delivery but then I moved to Kartra as was able to consolidate the different systems I used and save a load of moola.

Now I use Kartra as my client relationship management system, email contact data base, email delivery system, how I send out my autoresponder campaigns which I mention in the video and also my affiliate management system. I also use it as my payment gateway. That means the shopping cart page. The shopping cart then links to a merchant account like Stripe, Paypal, Payfast etc which is where the secured payment takes place.

Product delivery System

All my online courses are hosted and delivered on Kajabi,

Kajabi has advanced amazingly these past few years and you could pretty much set up your whole online business on it. You can now also build sales pages; manage affiliates; send emails. host your blog and take payments in Kajabi .

Payment Merchant

I use Stripe and paypal to take payments.

Video Production & Hosting

All my VLOGS and sales videos are hosted on Vimeo and my training videos within my products are hosted on Kajabi

In the comments below I’d love to know:

If you already have an online business…

  • “What has been your biggest challenge to it generating the revenue you want?

If you are starting from scratch with an online passive income stream business…

  • “What do you believe you need to get an online business started?

Here’s to more and more passive income streams flowing into your life.

If you are wondering what kind of Online Digital Course to create, take this fabulous quiz by Amy Porterfield (total powerhouse and incredible teacher of all things digital training)

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Big love


P.S – In part 1 of this mini training series you discovered that a passive income stream business is a business that has assets within it that can generate income and grow in value without you needing to be involved in the value for money exchange. If you haven’t seen that video yet go here to watch it. Passive Income Business Part 1

In part 2 you learned how to select your online passive business niche to ensure it will be a financial success by finding the sweet spot where your Passions & Interests, your Skills & Expertise and one of the four primary money making markets overlap. If you haven’t watched that video yet go here >>> Part 2: How to Select Your Online Passive Income Business Niche

In Part 4 you’ll discover the three primary online passive income stream business revenue models like doing launches which is one of my favourite revenue models.


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