Seriously over due catch up!!


Hey, Wealth chefs!

How has the first three months of 2015 been for you? I hope it’s been juicy and rich and full of adventures.

Three months in and it’s time for your big money date where you update your balance sheet and see how your net worth is doing. Remember Your Net Worth Is Not Your Self Worth

I’ve just had my money date and I’m stunned. 2014 was a crazy year (good crazy) involving Paris to South Africa moves, The Wealth Chef book launches, canal trips, over 40 live speaking gigs, a Stocks for Frocks tour, lots of travel with three trips to the USA, four to South Africa and 6 to the UK, two FFU live events and becoming quite the expert at TV and radio appearances. With all this movement and change I didn’t give my money as much attention and leadership as I normal do – actually you could say I darn well neglected it. I even missed my big December Money Date!

But being the money geek I am, the lack of knowing what was happening in my money world was starting to stress me out and it was with great relief that I got all my wealth cooking tools out and set about updating them.

Lo and behold – My money was doing a great job without me fiddling! It was doing what it is meant to do, when it’s been set up to succeed and given the right environment to do so.

From March 2014 and March 2015 my asset pot grew by 24%! Yes – 24% in one year whilst I had a ball doing all the things I love most. Pretty cool don’t you think.

This was such a reminder to me about the power of putting in place solid wealth foundations, getting your wealthy habits established, setting your wealth plan on auto pilot and then getting on with living a great juicy life.

I hope you’ve set up your automatic “Expand Your Dough” recipe so that your money is also working hard for you. If you haven’t yet got your index tracking investing set up  and automated – read this article and get going. How To Buy Your First Index Tracker”

Besides my money getting on with it’s business, I’ve had an incredible first quarter.

The Wealth Chef book launched internationally which was amazing. If you haven’t yet got your copy or you want to spread the wealth by getting a copy for everyone you love you can get them here and get the Wealth Kick Starter online programme free.

I popped over to the States and the UK to share the recipes for wealth with other Hay House authors, had two fabulous days with my wonderful Gourmet Wealth Chef mastermind group and share the Recipes for Wealth with over 1200 Antique direct selling consultant. Yes – I’m that little thing in red up on the stage. :).

And I moved into my new home. It’s been fantastic living like a gypsy for the past 9 months and now it’s great to have a place to unpack and plant some roots for a while.

Loads of very interesting money stuff emerged for me as I brought stuff out of storage which I’ll share in an up coming wealth snack too.

I’ve also just returned from 8 incredible days in the heart of the African Bush where I ran a Vision and Purpose retreat for 7 extraordinary women who chose to delve deep into their wildly wealthy life vision and had the courage to use the power of nature in its wildest purest form to bring it to life.

The african bush is a deep source of inspiration for me. Together with the ocean it is the place where I hear my own heart the loudest and get the energy and courage to go out and live the greatest version of my life.

Make sure you’re giving yourself space to hear your own heart because it is there you will find your truth and what a wealthy life is for you.

Here’s a few snaps of our experience. As you know photography is another joy of mine and you can see more photo’s of this incredible experience on Facebook

I will be running a Wildly Wealthy Couples Adventure in September 2015 and if you know you and your partner are ready to take your wealthy lives to a whole new level  and experience true alignment on your journey please email Anthea on for more information.

Besides all the Wealth Chefing and galavanting I’ve embarked on a new adventure – the adventure called being a successful “Married Single Mum.”  You see, Dave (my hubby) and I were discussing the wildly crazy idea that a living rich, juicy life and expanding the intimacy and growth in our relationship means we must we both follow our dreams 100% AND trust ourselves, our creativity and love to still have an amazing relationship no matter how divergent the dreams may seem. It shouldn’t be an either or!

Be careful what you put out there! The universe has a brilliant sense of humour and she gave us a great opportunity to test our theory.  While I was feeling drawn to return to Africa, Dave was offered an amazing opportunity to deliver one of the biggest rail projects in the world – which just happens to be in Saudi Arabia!

After an initial “You’ve got to be kidding!!!” we said yes to following our dreams and are now well into our test project, living in different countries and using our creativity to stay connected and involved in each others lives.

It has had it’s up’s and downs as any new adventure always does but we both keep focusing on what we want to experience and by using our creativity we are making it amazing.


For example – we’ve set up a regular virtual diner date. We both cook the same meal, set our respective tables with flowers and candles (okay the flowers and candles are on my table) and proceed to have a wonderful diner together with technology in the form of Skype connecting us. We have also booked holidays we both love, the type of holidays we know bring us closer together.

TWC_ScubaIn a few weeks I’ll be jetting off again to join Dave for a week in the Saudi desert followed by a week of glorious diving in the Maldives on the spectacular MV Orion (complete with hot tub on the deck :)).

African bush, Wealth Chef-ing, desert and diving in a month!

I guess Im living my dream.

Your rich, juicy life is made up of 20% having your money supporting you and 80% of your creativity and mindset to create the life you want to experience. Be flexible, focus on what you really want and keep asking yourself – “How can I create the experience I want with the resources I already have.”

I’ll be in the UK early May and you can catch me in Bournemouth on the 6th May where I’ll be speaking about consciously creating your wealthy life. Get the details here.

While I’m in the UK I have one day available to work with you 1-2-1 on your wealth strategy. I only do 4 or 5 private Wealth Strategy Sessions a year and they are always incredible. Being able to work with someone at such an intimate level on something as important as their financial wellbeing is transformational and if you would like this to be your day. Email Anthea on to get more information.

That’s all from me for now. Let me know what you’ve been up to in your juicy life.




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