How To Select Your Online Passive Income Business Revenue Model


If your business doesn’t make money it isn’t a business.

More specifically if your business doesn’t make a profit so it can pay you income and dividends than it isn’t a successful business.

If your business can’t run without you and generate that income without you being involved in the value for money exchange, then it isn’t a passive income stream business, and it will never be able to support you and your financial freedom.

This 4-part Online Passive Income Business training series is all about you setting up your business for financial success, and in order to make money in an online passive income stream business you must understand the different revenue models available to you, and select the one or two that is most aligned to you and your niche markets buying behaviour.

This is what this video is all about – the online business revenue models and how to choose which is right for you.

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One of my favourite online business revenue models is the launch model for these four reasons”

  1. It is the most effective revenue model at generating interest and urgency about your product or service;
  2. It is the most effective model to generating substantial sales and therefore a big inflow of revenue enabling efficient product delivery.
  3. It is also the easiest model for partners and other businesses to support and drive traffic to; and
  4. It is a hellava lot of fun!

Once you’ve watched the video I’d love to know in the comments below:

“Which of the online passive income stream business revenue models most appeals to you and why?

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your un-limited life.

If you’ve gotten value from this online passive income stream business training series please pass it on to those you care about so they can create passive income streams in their life too.

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P.S – In part 1 of this mini training series, you discovered that a passive income stream business is a business that has assets within it that can generate income and grow in value without you needing to be involved in the value for money exchange. If you haven’t seen that video yet go here to watch it. Passive Income Business Part 1

In part 2 you learned how to select your online passive business niche to ensure it will be a financial success, by finding the sweet spot where your Passions & Interests, your Skills & Expertise and one of the four primary money making markets overlap. If you haven’t watched that video yet go here >>> Part 2: How to Select Your Online Passive Income Business Niche

In Part 3 you learn all about Online Marketing Systems and understanding the different components you need in place to run a successful and financially abundant passive online business.


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