Saving vs Earning More – Which Is better?


Saving is better than trying to earn more!

Earning more is better than saving!

No it isn’t…

Yes it is….

No it isn’t…

Yes it is….

Age old wealth creation spats like this have had wealth creation “experts” foaming at the mouth defending one side over the other since time began.

I think debating which is better is a complete waste of your wonderful time because the truth is…

…you need BOTH to create your financial freedom.

Saving money and earning more are two completely different actions that contribute differently to your wealth creation and to you achieving your financial freedom.

Living a wealthy life and creating your financial freedom is about getting the ecosystem of wealth working effectively.

If I were to compare the two and have to choose which to focus on – I would have to say “saving” is where most people should start.


Another reason to focus on saving (or as I prefer to call it Squeezing the Juice), is because reducing what flows out of your life is actually easier to do than earning more


… $ for $ saving contributes more to your financial freedom than earning more does.

This is because…

“A Penny Saved is NOT Equal to a Penny Earned”

For every $ saved you need to earn at least $3 more to be even vaguely equivalent.

The first obvious reason for this difference is the “cost of earning” in the form of income tax.

Depending where you live and what you earn – this earning costs could range from 25% to 50% taken straight off the top! Then add in the cost of your time to earn that money and the other direct costs of earning more – like transport to get to work, telecommunications, clothing and so forth.

This doesn’t take in the indirect costs of what you are missing out on and the cost of that loss or what you can’t do because of the time and energy you are spending earning more.

What About the Leaks and the Rats?

Another reason saving is often easier than earning is because most people have a load of leaks in their money flow – expenses they have forgotten about or outflows which happen unconsciously.

They also have rats in their wealth pantries!

These are expenses they don’t get value from but hold onto because they think they need them.

The great thing about finding these leaks and rats is that by plugging them and eliminating them you free up a whole load of juicy MOOLA to direct to creating your wealthy life WITHOUT reducing your quality of life.

That’s what it is all about!

Better still, when you are able to reduce the cost of your lifestyle your financial freedom # and the amount of assets you need to become financially free gets smaller too – making it even easier to achieve your freedom faster.

How Do You Know Where To Focus First?

To create your financial freedom and have a money fow which supports your life you want AT LEAST 20% of your inflow staying in your life.


If you are not yet keeping at least 20% of your income in your life with a minimum of 10% to go into your Freedom Pot and being converted to assets and 10% to go to your Save to Spend pot – then you need to focus on SAVING first!

In the comments below I’d love to know your view on Saving vs Earning More and the concept that…

The Universe will give you more when you show you can manage what you already have.

Here’s to always taking a stand for the AND and for your financial freedom!

Big love


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  • Mandla Mkhwanazi says:

    Hi Ann
    As always, what you’re sharing boggles the mind. Indeed both saving and earning are important but not equally so. Saving on Saving Accounts with bank institutions yield peanuts as opposed to continuous saving on Passive Income Generating Assets like buying gold on small chunks and or penny shares on ETF’s …!


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