How To Run a Successful Airbnb Business


Bernadette Doyle runs an incredibly successful online marketing & training company and has mastered the art of creating business assets and passive income streams using automated systems and processes and leveraging the power of the internet.

YET, despite her savviness in business which enabled her to create a multi million business online, as a single mum with two very active boys, she had this property draining money from her.

For years this residential home cost her money. The market value had dropped after 2008 so it didn’t make sense for her to sell it, the residential rental market was pathetic and the yield she could get didn’t make it worthwhile renting it out… and so it sat draining money and energy from her for year, until… she joined Financial Freedom University and realised she could look at it in a completely different way, do a few things differently and by doing so…

…change it from a money sucking liability into a juicy cash generating assets…

…which is exactly what she did.

In this Financial Freedom University accelerating your freedom masterclass, Bernadette shares how she did it with her fellow FFU’ers and generously gives a wealth of information and how-to’s on setting up a successful holiday let business which you can run from your phone.

Click the image to watch this masterclass  – “How To Run a Hands-Free Hotel Business from Your Phone” 

Doing this webinar with Bernadette reminded me that…

So often we don’t know what is possible and stay stuck in our limited experience because we are never exposed to a different way of being.  Constantly and consciously choosing to find out what others are doing, being exposed to new ways of thinking about assets and wealth and money and all that is possible, learning strategies and applying them and by putting ourselves in inspiring environments where people are creating solutions instead of wallowing in their problems is how we create a better world for ourselves and those we love and in doing so we transform the world for everyone.

In the comments below I would love to know:

  • What was your biggest Aha from Bernadette’s story that if you applied it in your life, you know it would transform your money world for the better?

Keep being inspired, keep learning and most importantly keep putting what you learn into action.

Big love



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