likely to steer you away from your financial freedom


Sirens and mermaids were beautiful and dangerous creatures, who lured passing sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to their doom. They did this by getting the ships to veer off their course and instead crash on the reefs and rocks of their island. 

That is what todays video is about and why it is so important to be wide awake and alert when regret rears her deceiving head 

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Regret has an extraordinary power to distract and deceive.  

Have you noticed that regret has, by default, an assumption that whatever the path is you believe would have happened if you did or didn’t do the thing you regret – the end point would be better than your situation right now.  

I’ve never yet heard anyone say, “Oh, you know Ann, I regret not learning how to invest sooner, or I regret not spending or doing X, Y and Z, because I would have then ended up in a worse position that I am now.”  

This is the challenge and the allure of regret.  

How crazy is that?  

We’re just making up another different story. We have no clue where we might have ended up if we’d made different choices yet we make this assumption that it would have been “better” and then we wallow in regret. 

“Why would that be? How loony is that? 

When we become conscious to the bizarreness of regret we can see regret for what it is.  

REGRET = An insidious distraction to keep us stuck where we are.  

Regret lures us away from the present moment, away from making informed and empowered decisions in this moment that can make our future better. 

When you notice regret calling to you with her beautiful song, ask yourself… 

  • “What are the choices that I have now?”  
  • “Where are these choices taking me ” 
  • “What am I doing to create my rich, juicy life now?” 
  • “What are the decisions I need to make now?”  

Whereas if we can wallow in our regret bemoaning… 

“If only I’d known this information sooner, if only I’d started investing sooner, if only I was better with my money sooner, then…”  

Getting present with what is now and making the choices we need to make now is the only way to create the life and wealth we want. The past is an illusion and there is nothing for you there. 

He who spends time regretting the past,
loses the present and risks the future.
– Quevedo 

In the comments below, I’d love to know…  

  • Is there a familiar regret that has been a seductive siren in your life? Something that you’ve caught yourself going back to over and over and going “oh, if only?”  
  • What decision or choice is this regret stopping you from making now? 
  • What would it mean to you to let that regret go now by realizing it is a false fantasy designed to keep you exactly where you are right now.  

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for juicy wealth snacks, insight and inspiration as they create their juicy financially free lives too.  

Your ideas and shares may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough. 

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your un-limited life.  

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  • Tiane says:

    Hi I am Tiane.
    I still feel a lot of regret and it is overwhelming sometimes. I wish I knew this 30 years ago cos I have nothing now and taught my kids nothing like this cos I didn’t know. I feel so much shame and sadness and even angry sometimes wondering why I was never taught this ???
    But I commit to changing all. I am learning and doing what am learning. Am teachings my children and others now and I need to let go of the past and enjoy this new journey.
    Ann I bless you for the change you brought in my life ????

  • Johanna Small says:

    Hallo Ann.
    I stopped saying I wished I had this financial education when I was still young. I focus on the here and now.I apply what I read in The Wealth Chef book.
    Lots of love

  • Hi Ann,
    Thank you so much for this video, it is the jolt that I needed to get back to now. I have just left my job as an executive for one of the biggest IT companies in the world to start my own consulting firm and start investing. Just last week I was starting to look behind and wondering whether I have made the right choices to live a fairly secured post in my forties!

    Your video just reminded me why I should keep on pushing forward and stop to listen to those false sirens that threaten to allure me back into the rat race of corporate South Africa.

  • Corinne says:

    I love this Ann. Regret is so insidious, you’re so right. I only ever think think about what would have happened had I not made the choices I have in a negative way, such as the “mistakes” I’ve made over the past few years. I never think about it from the perspective of had I not left my job and made all the subsequent decisions I would never have learned everything I have learned, which will now serve me living an authentic life, and I may have ended up being sectioned!
    I’ll be taking this new perspective from now on. Regret is only holding me back from living in the present and creating a wonderful future.
    Love always,
    Corinne Xx

  • Melanie Williams says:

    Yes! What you’re saying about regret totally resonates. Thank you for reminding me to be in the NOW. I think regret is an addictive thought loop. I’m so grateful to you, Ann, for sharing your passion and inspiring me to be real about my wealth potential.

  • Shandene says:

    Thanks, Ann. Very, very note worthy topic (for lack of better words). My regrets, not just regards money, but other areas of my life, have been an insideous distraction at times. But now that I am aware of this, it will happen no more!


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