From Stressing About The Mortgage To Quadrupling Her Net Worth



This is Caitriona’s story…



“My name is Caitriona Ellis and I’m a member of Financial Freedom University with the lovely Ann Wilson.

I joined FFU two years ago and I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I have made my money back many times over.

I started from a place of being terrified of increases in my mortgages.  

We got two letters on the date of my children’s birthday party, just advising us that our mortgages were going up by half a percent for no reason in particular, just the bank wanted to put the rate up.

This, for some reason, just really sent shivers down my spine and I thought if they can do this for no specific reason, then what’s to stop them from doing this again and again?

At that point we were really stretched.

We didn’t know how we were going to afford the increase that had just been put upon us and that really was an eye-opener to us. I knew we really needed to get on top of our financial affairs and really get in charge of them.

So, I joined Financial Freedom University and turned things around.

FFU is a really comprehensive course. There are modules that cover every possible angle and aspect of your personal finance, investing and wealth creation.

The Q&A calls with Ann cover everything and you can get answers to your own situation.

The support and the Facebook group is amazing and despite a huge amount of information that you need to work through slowly and at your own pace, it’s very, very simple.

It really is, Ann breaks it down into beautiful bite-sized chunks that you can work through.

I am home full time with my three children who I home educate, so I didn’t have time during the day and I don’t have lots of time to do this.

I was doing this in little chunks after bedtime and by simply doing that, I have, working with my husband, turned our financial situation totally around.

We’re now in the amazing position of working together to be financially free, with a clear plan which we know we can do and really just have such an amazing sense of confidence in our own financial independence and where it’s going and the management of it.

We have our kids’ education all sorted out, which feels incredible.

We have a feeling that it doesn’t matter what life’s going to throw at us, financially, because we know we will be able to take care of it with what we have in place, so we won’t have worries on that front.

I moved my own personal private pension from a bank who was managing it, charging high fees and getting little growth on it. I took it out about a year and a half ago now. The growth that I have been able to get on that by managing it myself has been phenomenal. I’ve beaten the banks, hands down.

The sense of empowerment and the skills I got from being in FFU gave me the confidence to do that. I never thought I could do something like that.

I’m now looking at options of investments in stuff that I didn’t even know existed, nevermind actually consider viable investment options for myself.

FFU has and is a total eye-opener and really, really amazing education. It is something everybody should have.

When the opportunity for you to join FFU comes in front of you, press the join button. You will earn your investment many times over.”


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