How to Profit (and Protect Yourself) in a Bubble


Just recently, at a speaking gig I was at, I shared that the current cryptocurrency mania felt like 1998–1999. I was referencing the end stages of the dot-com bubble.

This, of course, is just another way of expressing the same fear I’ve heard all year: “Is it too late to get into bitcoin?”

When I was on stage at that speaking gig, bitcoin was at $5,300. Since then it romped to a staggering new high of over $11,000!


… over the next three years, if it is in fact like the end stages of the bubble, I believe bitcoin will go up as high as $60,000 and even higher.

I’m using the word bubble consciously, and while many (most) people lose with a bubble I want to show you how you can protect yourself from the day when (like all assets) bitcoin and other crypto’s corrects in price.

You protect yourself and your money by using a technique called “asymmetric risk” investing.

The first part of “asymmetric risk” investing is that when you invest, you only allocate a small amount of money into an idea (investment) that has the potential for massive upside gains.

The beauty of this approach is if the investment goes to zero, your loss is very small. But if the investment goes stratospheric, your payoff is enormous.

“Asymmetric risk” investing is the opposite of gambling, it is a structured process and it requires personal discipline. (especially when things skyrocket)

I’ll be expanding on the Asymmetric risk investing strategy on the upcoming Cryptocurrency Masterclass so make sure you’re on it.

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The second part of “asymmetric risk” investing is that as the market moves up, you pull out some of your profits and get your money out of the deal.

This is what I did recently with one of my crypto investments.

I put $400 in this particular crypto and I’ve have taken profits three times.

First I pulled out my original investment, then I extracted an additional $2,300 in realised profits …and I still hold 40% of the original investment.

So even if this particular investment went to zero tomorrow, I’m still up 475% on my initial investment.

This is how you manage “bubbles”. You get informed, you get a structured strategy and you profit from them.

I so look forward to sharing more with you on the Crypto Wonders and Warnings Webinar. Make sure you’ve cleared your schedule so you can be there.

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