How To Create A Successful Passive Income Business With Vending Machines


I recently shared with you a wonderful masterclass delivered by one of our Financial Freedom University. students on how to successfully invest in shipping containers – an alternative investment which is great for income.

Now it’s time to learn how vending machines are so much more than metal boxes flooding the world with junk food (and the occasional kale crisp).

Building up a passive income business with a set of vending machines delivering stuff to people 24/7 and earning you money 24/7 is a wonderful addition to your asset drawer and one you can get into for relatively low amounts of capital.

One of our fabulous FFU’ers, Tex Hlalele, chose vending machines as one of his passive businesses of choice to accelerate his financial freedom and in this masterclass, he generously reveals his own journey on building up his vending machine business and the step by step path he took.

Watch the masterclass now and make sure you take loads of notes as it is content packed…

In this masterclass you’ll learn,

  • Why vending machines are a great addition to your asset pot to bring cash flow into your wealth pots and how they are quite literally asset ATM’s
  • How to research vending machine suppliers and how to select the one that is best for you;
  • How to identify, select and secure the locations for your vending machines and the things you need to consider in getting the best site;
  • The numbers you’ll use to determine the payback period and the forecast return on your investment and Tex shares his actual returns (they are pretty damn juicy as you’ll discover);
  • How the vending machine business / cash flow model works;


  • Tex shares the priceless lessons he has learned building up his vending machine business, what he will be doing to increase his returns even more and he reveals how he can grow his vending machine business to a $3000 a month net profit passive income business in just 2 years.

Like so many FFU’ers, Tex is amazing and is so open and generous with sharing what he has learned.

He also shared some of his personal story of how in the past three years he has transformed his whole financial situation and all the unexpected things that have come about as a result of taking responsibility for his own financial freedom and choosing to embark on this freedom journey. 

I am sure you are going to love this masterclass as much as I did.

>>>GO HERE to watch it now<<< 

Keep taking steps every day to fill your asset drawer with cash generating assets that can buy you even more assets and then feed you because assets the only things that can give you your freedom

Big love





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