Managing Your Money for Freedom & Happiness


Money is not an option – it’s a requirement.

You cannot step out into our world and still be able to eat, have shelter or protection and security without it. Without money you cannot survive long.

I also know that money can be the most powerful liberator and if you are prepared to fully explore your relationship with it and learn how to manage it and give it leadership in a way that empowers and frees you – it can be this for everyone.

That is what this conversation is all about.

I jumped on the line with sales expert Catherine Watkin of Selling from the Heart and had a wonderful, open and “real talk” about managing money day to day so that it supports us in living the lives we want and enables freedom, instead of it being yet another “must do” system that bogs us down and makes us feel like a failure.

We share with you:

  • What money freedom means to us and why it is so important for each of us to know our personal freedom definition
  • What we actually do to manage our money day to day
  • Some of the money mistakes we’ve made along the way, especially in building our businesses.


I also share the powerful “Wealth Pie” money management system that I used to create my own financial freedom and still use to manage my money today.



In the comments below I’d love to know:

  • how you can change your money management style to be more supportive and enabling, and
  • which of the Wealth Pie pots do you need to focus on growing?

Keep taking your awesome freedom journey step by step and enjoy the way.

Big love


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Your email address will not be published.