Luck Is NOT a Strategy


Greetings from the delightful town of Cradock in the Karoo in South Africa.

The Karoo is a semi-desert expanse stretching across the middle of South Africa. An arid land of rolling mountains and vast plains that extend in every direction, merging with the distant horizon in a way that shows off the curves of the earth and opens to the biggest blue sky you can imagine.

I am here with my gorgeous man to paddle my first ever river race on the Fish River which snakes through this arid land, providing much needed water to the farming communities along its path to the ocean.  

As you read this I will hopefully have completed the first days section and will be high fiving with my man.

Loads of things can happen on the water, things we can’t predict but we can prepare for them and develop skills to better navigate these obstacles. 

What we DON’T DO is RELY on LUCK!

I’m new to paddling, I have never done a river race and I have no aspirations of coming anywhere. But I want the experience to be fun and full of delight and joy. And for that I need a certain level of competency.

So we drove down a few days early to do some practice runs on sections of the river before the big day. 

I learn by doing – we all do. I learn and get competent by literally getting into the river with someone who knows what they are doing and I do the work. 

Relying on luck is NEVER a good strategy for anything.

It’s not a strategy for fun paddling and it’s NOT a strategy for your wealth.

As we were doing some of these river runs I thought about you and all of us creating real, sustainable wealth.

Sustainable reliable wealth flows that we can trust and lean on is what we all need to truly live free. Free of anxiety, free of limitations and free to express and explore what living a truly wealthy life means for each of us.

The Fish River is an example of sustainable and reliable flow.

The water that I have been paddling on is diverted to the Fish River from the Orange River via an 82.8 kilometres (51.4 miles) long irrigation tunnel  – the longest continuous aqueduct in the Southern Hemisphere and the third longest of its type in the world – and a project my father worked on. 

It’s because of this tunnel and its water release that this arid valley can support vast agricultural activity and why the river race exists. 

This water provides livelihoods and joy. 

Just as we need a consistent flow of money in our lives to provide for our livelihood and joy.

It isn’t by luck that this all exists. The water didn’t just happen. A vision of what was possible started it all and then was brought to life through activity. A massive project with extensive planning and skill and work and time took place to make it so.

Creating a consistent flow of money in your life, from a reliable series of sources, that keep producing when you are playing, IS one of the life projects you must undertake.

Each of us must build our own set of aqueducts bringing the flow we need from a series of assets we control. 

You cannot rely on luck or just hope it will somehow happen. You must create this.


You cannot rely on just one source of flow. 

You must have multiple assets providing multiple sources of flow, so we can relax and know our supply is safe.

The advent of fractional investing makes having multiple assets and multiple streams of flow significantly easier to do. 

Fractional investing is a way to have a piece of an asset you couldn’t afford on your own. It is a way to spread your investable capital amongst a portfolio of assets to spread risk and get diversification.

Fractional investing enables each of us to have multiple assets in multiple asset classes.

Fractional Investing was the topic of the deep dive how-to Masterclass I ran on Wednesday.

If you missed the masterclass you can get access to the recording, transcript and slides here.

Please don’t rely on luck to live the greatest version of your life. 

Get out there and get the skills and competencies you need to do and have all the fun things you dream of experiencing.

Please do NOT rely on luck to have the financial resources you need to have financial peace of mind and all the resources you need to fund the life you want to live.

Big wet love from the Fish River


Practice and trying to look fierce is our plan for world domination… LOL 😉

You don’t have to pull faces when you do fractional investing.

Go >>here<< to get the masterclass if you missed it.




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