Lessons from My 52nd Year Around the Sun


Today I start my brand new 53rd year of life.

I get another go-around-the-sun and with it another chance to play, explore, experiment and deepen my experience of what freedom and a wealthy life really is.

Before I strap in and set off, I want to pause and thank the gift of life I was given these past 365 days.

My 52nd year tested me, taught me, expanded me, thrilled me, terrified me, surprised me and nourished me on every front. 

Code for…

“there was nowhere to hide!”

I learned more about freedom – the joys, the responsibilities and the courage it takes to be free – than in any other period of my life.

 My 52nd year brought me to my knees, and kicked my ass. 

  • Emotionally when I waved my husband of 21 years goodbye, literally as he flew off to New Zealand, and we (with incredible kindness, love and compassion) set each other free by ending our journey together.
  • Spiritually as I surrendered certainty (always a complete illusion) and dropped into the freedom of not-knowing, remembering I have me and I am safe in my own hands.
  • Physically when I was mugged and beaten up walking to a friends home
  • Financially as I sat with the wild ride of my ego and scarcity monsters as I watched my balance sheet more than halve as we ended our marriage.

My 52nd year lifted me to new heights as it delighted and surprised me.

  • When I spoke to 6000 plus size audiences. What an experience to stand on a stage, feel your energy, be trusted with your hopes and dreams, and serve my ass-et off!
  • With a TV show “Save Well, Spend Better” aired on UK prime time telly with over a million viewers watching each episode and more significantly for me, 12 sets of contributors got incredible financial advice to get them out of deep financial struggles and knowledge that will transform their lives for the better.
  • Through hundreds of messages, emails and posts from The Wealth Chef tribe around the world, sharing their progress and liberation as a result of getting much needed financial literacy and support through The Wealth Chef book, videos and programmes. Your feedback means so, so much to me. It reminds me WHY I do what I do, connects me back to my heart and my mission and gives me a light to focus on when things can seem dark.

My 52nd year packed in travel, friendship and wander galore with trips to

  • Ireland, the African Bush, Costa Rica, Portugal, Colorado, Mauritius, Scotland, London, San Diego, and Christmas with myself back in my most sacred place – the wild African bush.

My 52nd year taught me about

  • Being Kind. Kind is not the same as nice. Kindness stands for freedom and truth. Kindness is being impeccably honesty. Kindness stands for the greatest good of all. Kindness often isn’t the easy choice but it is the most generative. Kindness isn’t obsequious, kindness doesn’t collapse in and cause us to betray our hearts to keep the peace or not rock the boat. When in doubt, be kind. 
  • Cultivating Love and a deeper experience of Brene Brown’s definition of what love is: “We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honour the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.”  This started first with me, the only place anything can start – including our financial wellbeing, and then rippled out. With it came the courage to LOVE and embrace every part of my freaky, weird, awkward, time battered amazing self (many days I still forget I’m figgin’ amazing). Also the courage to question the layers of frameworks and social constructs we are told we need to live within to be loved and safe (and I know this will be a lifelong enquiry). And the knowing to be deeply grateful for ALL the moments that have brought me to now; 
  • Making Amends and how bad I was with this. (I’m a work in progress). Like financial skills, we aren’t taught how to properly make amends for our mess-ups with ourselves and others. Making amends goes way past “saying we are sorry” and I’m excited to expand on this in my year to come and build this muscle, as there is so much freedom in it when we can own what is ours to own.
  • Standing for Justice. When I was mugged a deep part of me rose up and fiercely roared “ENOUGH”. A roar that felt like a voice of all women. A roar of NO MORE. No more betraying myself to be safe. No more handing over my power, my body, my things, my self worth to comply with your demands just because you are physically stronger so you think I’m weak. No more compromise because I’m a woman. No more appeasing because you’ve become so accustomed to a society that makes it OK to abuse me. This roar took over and I fought like the crazy, wild, free woman I choose to be. I chose me and I fought for freedom. It cost me a broken hand, a damaged knee and torn jeans (they were my favorite). It gave me my dignity and gave me back my trust in me. That is worth everything.  That is why we are here.

I’m deeply grateful for the year I got, and I’m deeply grateful it’s over. 

I also have a sneaky suspicion Life has a bunch of delights and surprises (and some damn lessons) for me in this year to come.

She has a rather wicked sense of humour that way.

Thank you for being in my life and I am so grateful we get to explore this curious and incredible thing called freedom together.

With huge love



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