It’s The Drips That Create The Wealth River


It’s not our fault really, but it is one of the biggest barriers to creating real wealth and getting to the magical land called financial freedom. That place where you can choose to work actively for money or not, that place where income flows into your life irrespective of what you choose to get up to and keeps flowing forever.

When you stay in bed all day devouring an entire season of “Jessica Jones” or which ever new HBO series has gotten it’s hooks in you – the income rolls in.

When you go on a travel adventure, unplugged and full of wanderlust – the income keeps rolling it.

When you’re catching up with your friends, laughing raucously and eating way too much – the income rolls in.

I say it’s not our fault because every bit of education and every “earning” conversation most of us grow up with teaches us that we:

  1. Earn money by exchanging our time and life-force for it.
  2. Earn money from a single source – a career.
  3. Earn money by becoming something (a teacher, nurse, engineer, entrepreneur, coach), and it is only through this that money can come to us and only through being a better “something” can we get more.

I’m seriously grateful I came to realise that not only is that complete bollocks but also, as long as I believed this BS, I would keep myself trapped forever in the work to earn money prison.

This one trick pony approach to income generation is dangerous on so many levels and one of the greatest dangers is that we start attaching our identity, significance and sense of self worth to the way we earn money.

In this video I share with you the real way to sustainable wealth. How having multiple little streams of income dripping money into your life, income earned by assets, is the only way to create your financial freedom.

I also share with you:

  • ways to get additional “earned income” streams into your life by leveraging what you already do and have in your life;
  • why I completely adore UBER and the model they have created that is enabling people to accelerate their time to freedom significantly, and
  • examples of Wealth Chef clients absolutely rocking their wealth world when they really got this and allowed money to flow to them outside of their “something”.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

What ways can you start new money drips flowing into you life?

Tell me about it in the comments below. Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for juicy wealth snacks, insight and inspiration as they create their financial freedom too. Your ideas and shares may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your un-limited life.

With huge love


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  • I love your work Ann more juicy reminders. Now that I have started paying of my debt and building up my emergency fund. I am looking at ways to increase my money flows through passive income. I quite like the stock market and online marketing for this.?

  • Sophia says:

    It is so true how we are taught early on ‘study hard, get a good education so that you can get a good job’. Then there is the addition – save money for the future – more than having assets like stock or other income streams giving us money.
    Currently I am looking at creating a passive income, via a law course. I seemed to get requests for 1-2-1 tuition. I was formerly a tutor and was trading my time for money. I was also not making up for travel time. So thats what I prefer about passive income.


Your email address will not be published.