Don’t Let the Meme Stocks Fool You… Investing Isn’t Easy


If, like me, you don’t give much credence to the news or spend much time on social media you might be wondering…

What the bleep is a meme stock?

A meme stock is a stock that has gone viral online, drawing the attention of newbie investors. 


… the reason for the meme stocks stratospheric rise is not because it’s a great company that’s performing well, nope, a bit like the Kardashians, meme stocks are famous for being famous. 

Hype on social media and forums like Reddit make them famous.

Examples of these that have seen loads of hype of late are stocks like GameStop, AMC Entertainment and even food giant Wendy’s and in the crypto world the dodgy Dogecoin. 

It can be tempting to try to get in on a stock when there’s hype and seemingly big gains to be made. 

Good old FOMO kicks in and this fear of missing out on “big wins” is a powerful psychological incentive that can threaten your wealth creation.

So where did this meme stock mania begin?

Nothing like a pandemic and loads of people stuck at home with time on their hands and, in the US and the UK, government stimulus checks burning a hole in pockets to create a whole new “game” to play.

Day trading surged. 

Many people who had never invested in a single stock suddenly opened up brokerage accounts and went wild.

Commission-free apps like Robinhood made this kind of “PlayStation” type gambling   investing easy – buying and selling stocks with a quick click became a game.

But rather than focusing on traditional metrics and solid fundamentals, let alone having any type of investing strategy, many of these investors turned to social media sites like Reddit to discover which “exciting” stocks were about to “go to the moon.” As buzz around a particular stock grew, more and more investors would pile in, often sending the stock flying higher.

Don’t fall into the trap… PLEASE! 

The meme stock craze has made it seem like it’s easy to make money in the market by buying into each new hyped stock, it is not. 

What it is, is a sure fire way to lose money and confidence and your opportunity to create real sustainable wealth by owning real, solid, successful businesses.  

The meme stock trend has divorced a stock’s price from its fundamentals.

Fundamentals are the metrics that tell us how strong and healthy the company really is.

GameStop, for example, was a brick-and-mortar video game retailer. The pandemic and the rise of direct downloads for games were both headwinds for the company, and its business has struggled for some time.

AMC, likewise, saw attendance at its theaters crash during the pandemic… and it’s struggling to maintain relevance in a world where more and more people are turning to streaming content.

Dogecoin was actually created as a joke. Its creators simply wanted to poke fun at bitcoin and other cryptos, and it has absolutely no real application and no real purpose.

The run-up in these stocks is based on pure speculation. 

Something as important as your financial well being 

should not be based on a gambling game.

Surely each of us deserve to have something as important as our financial foundations be based on a solid strategy?

If you’re basing your wealth creation on what’s trending on social media and public sentiment, you will get trampled when everyone starts rushing for the exit door at the same time. 

As easily as these stocks shoot up, they fall. That’s a certainty. 

So what should we do instead?

Build your stock portfolio up from the bottom with a proper strategy.

First with index trackers and then top them off with great quality businesses that you buy and hold.

Build your solid base of Index Tracker funds first. This gives you ownership of a broad set of companies around the world.

Then, on top of this base, invest in a portfolio of stocks that you’ve selected consciously via a thought through investment strategy.

You must know why you’re buying a stock.

 Understanding your stock picking strategy up front will pay dividends in many ways, and focusing on stocks that have great fundamentals will make it far easier to get great long-term results for your portfolio and ensure your investing success.

A great stock picking strategy does two things. 

It shows the long-term prospects that will allow a business to become much larger and more valuable than it is today. But more importantly, it lets you, as a shareholder, hold that business accountable for its results. If a company whose stock you own fails to live up to the potential you identified in your initial stock picking analysis, then it can be a good reason to reevaluate your investment. If it starts to move in a direction that differs markedly from the reason you bought the stock, then selling can make sense even if the stock hasn’t performed poorly.

Own companies you believe in.

FOMO isn’t fun. It’s hard to experience loads of hype and stand around wondering if you’ve missed the boat.

But leaving your financial well being to the whim of the luck of the meme-stock draw is a recipe for financial disaster. 

With a great investment base of index trackers and a solid stock picking strategy, you’ll put yourself in position to reap the much-larger long-term rewards that being an investor brings.

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Keep taking considered steps in the direction of your dreams and give your money great leadership so that it can work hard for you.

Big love


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