Independence Day – 10 Years of Financial Freedom and Letting My Clients Speak


Let’s celebrate Liberation

I love this week because USA Independence Day has become a very special day for me even thought I’m not American.

The US version of the day celebrates the Declaration of Independence, adopted on 4 July, 1776 when the Thirteen Colonies of America declared themselves to be states and no longer part of the British Empire.

My love of this day is because with all the fireworks and social media posts I get reminded of a far more personal and recent Declaration of Independence.

10 years ago, on Saturday 8 July, 2006, whilst doing my monthly money date and updating my balance sheet I realized I had done it!

I had achieved my own Financial Independence and declared myself no longer part of the “Work For Money World”!  

From that day on I was able to choose whether I wanted to work actively for money or not. If I chose not to work I could still live the lifestyle I wanted with all the travel and adventure forever.

It’s hard to explain just how liberating and exhilarating that day was and coming just a few days after USA’s Independence Day felt very fitting.

That was also the day I realized my dream of help others achieve this too could be more than just a dream and the seed of The Wealth Chef was planted and started to grow.

It’s amazing what achieving financial freedom does for our belief in ourselves.

In any case, for my freedom anniversary this year and to celebrate Independence Day I thought I would try to do something a little different, and let some of my amazing Financial Freedom University clients do the talking.

Here’s 18 videos where people just like you and me share their inspirational money journeys. I hope their stories inspire you to keep believing in your dreams and to keep taking those actions to create your own financial freedom.


Can you help me out? See my note at the bottom about helping me pick out the winners among these videos!

1. Nancy Kennewell’s amazing journey from debt 2. Susan Mills : an energy healer, massive debt to freedom
3. George Lizo : from uni student to empowered wealth student 4. Rionach Aitken: CEO and wife, buying back her time with loved ones
5. Heidi Sternberg: single mum and business owner: from not making ends meet to saving 6. Mitzie Day: mother and wife – major life change and transformation
7. Caitriona Ellis: full time mum and wife – needed something more 8. Seena Singh: single professional – has reclaimed her freedom and security
9. Jacqui Quinn : business owner, breakout from debt prison 10. Della Tysall: physiotherapistic and health coach – feeling trapped to mastering money
11. Hillma Bosma : wife and mother – from bankruptcy to freedom 12. Jenni Syrjala : business owner – from going backwards to financial empowerment
13. Bianca Gerber: money transformation at the right time 14. Caroline Cavanagh: income and quality of life is now through the roof
15. Lara Waldman: an answer to my prayers 16. Liz Moscrop: my money journey
17. Mavis Mazhura: human behavioral consultant: discovered my money blindspot’s 18. Sam Russell: from massive consumer debt to freedom


Now I would love if you can help me out… We all know that a typical client doesn’t just jump onto skype and say great stuff about us. These are actually the short list of Financial Freedom University Clients who shot videos about their journey so far and posted it to YouTube as part of my FFU video contest. Each then had a 1-2-1 interview with me and shared their story.

I now need to choose the top four inspirational money transformation stories. I’m going to have three winners, and the Grand Prize winner. The overall Grand Prize winner will get to attend Financially Free You live in London or Cape Town with their partner as my VIP guest including accommodation AND a free 1-on-1 wealthy strategy session with me (plus other prizes.)

I would love if you could help me narrow it down to the top videos…

…please leave a comment below and tell me which were your four favorite videos

Thank you and a huge Independence Day and Financially Free hug to you



p.s. My lawyers say I have to put in a disclaimer – “none of those videos represent a typical client or typical results… nor are they meant to imply any income results, or any results whatsoever.”


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  • Martin Drijfhout says:

    I was impressed with Hilma’s story. It is not an easy thing, to lose everything you own and to live of a bare minimum. Losing your financial independence, and through that also much of your independence in other ways as well, must be a very hard thing indeed. I hope that I never have to experience such a thing. But it can happen to each and every one of us, no matter how secure we may feel at any given moment in time. Is it not a wonderful thing that, should tragedy strike, there are people like Hilma. She knows what it is like and she knows how to get back on your feet. That she has found inspiration in her ordeal and is now ready and willing to help those who need help… I think it is marvellous. And in itself inspirational as well.

  • Hilly de Bruijne says:

    I have known Hilma for quite a long time and I have seen the struggle she has been going through. I witnessed how she and her family hit rock bottom, but she always kept a positive outlook. I have seen that she kept going on, with great strength and enthusiasm. She has turned a difficult period in her life into a career opportunity, and with her own experience she can now help other people deal with the problems they face in similar situations to the one Hilma experienced. I know Hilma as a very creative person who is always figuring out something new. She’s a real entrepreneur and coach in one. For me she’s the best! If I was in trouble I’d let her help me.

  • Pearl says:

    Hi Ann,

    Ive been following you for the past 3-4 years and have been meaning to register for the FFU for the past 3. Now I’m ready and would really like to register & get started on my journey to financial freedom.
    Where can I register please. I’d like to secure a spot for myself pleeeease.
    Thank you

  • Marge says:

    I love Hillma! My journey is similar and since I found The Wealth Chef I too am convinced that my future will be brighter than ever. The process is also a “project” for me that I sometimes find challenging but will continue to manage as a top priority! Thanks for all you do, Ann!

  • Renee says:

    I vote for Susan Mills! It takes courage to make such a big leap of faith and then follow through the steps until your family is not just out of trouble, but on the road to financial freedom. She seems very passionate too, not like she let the situation beat her!

  • Enno van Waardenberg says:

    Dear Hilma and Ann,

    The story of Hilma is very inspiring to my situation. Our family is near to bankruptcy and we are almost in the three year “health” program of the Dutch State. That means just enough resources to live. The most important value in this period is stay optimistic. Hilma taught our family this.
    Always positive and give a helping hand. Although she already owned these characteristics you (Ann) strengthened these.

    Best regards Enno

  • Janneke Tolsma says:

    Hilma Bosma was recommended by my boss, because i have money problems en want to be in a good balance. The first time i met her and she told her story i thought it was unbelievable, but it gave me the courage to move on and grab this chance to be healthy and in a good balance in a couple of years.
    Hilma is a nice, warm and open person. She didn’t give up! I’m glad that she is helping me now, it gives me energy and the believe that it is going to get better!

  • Pieter J. Huiser says:

    Hi, I liked the youtube film of Hilma Bosma the best. She’s a very strong woman, who keeps courage in very difficult situations and tries to help others and keep faith in themselves.

  • Ghio says:

    Hi Ann,
    all those ladies are just amazing. Standing up telling your story is a matter of courage and will help others
    My vote goes to Hilma, i know this positivo very well.
    I hope from the bottom of my heart she will be chosen for the FFU, because she deserve the best education in the finacial climb and i am absolutely sure you will have the most motivated ambassador for the Netherlands. Spreading the word is wat Hilma does best and will help others with your amazing products and knowledge.

    Kindest regards!

  • Eef says:

    Hi Ann,

    Wow, I’m impressed by Hilma’s story! She is so positive despite her bankrupcy! She is a very inspiring person and I really wish she may inspire a lot of people in these kind of circumstances. I think she can learn very much from you. She will not have the financial freedom only for herself and her family (although I would love to see Hilma having financial freedom after april 2017), but she can help many, many other people to transform. People who are in a variety of difficult positions, and often in a vicious circle of poverty, to get out of their situation and may help others again. It reminds me of the movie Pay it Forward. So in this way you Ann, can help many more people through helping Hilma with your knowledge and experience etcetera.

  • Annet Boswijk says:

    I listened to all the interviews and think they all are great. Hilma told me about the FFU and I am very interested and
    start following Ann Wilson here films. The reason my vote goes to Hilma is because she is an amazing help for me
    in times of money loss and she mentored me in the right direction. As i heard here story during this interview i am touched
    that she could go so far to the bottem and due to the FFU she believes in the change and end of struggling for money.
    To be prepared to lose all material stuff and to be convince that times get better is what i hear here talking about

  • Neeta O'Keeffe says:

    Hi Ann,

    I loved Della’s story. I loved her energy and clarity and in particular her line ‘I now feel wealthy because I appreciate what I have’. This really spoke to me as well as her amazing achievement of being on track to become financially free in 13 months! Very inspirational!

  • Fedde says:

    This is my comment on Hilma’s word. I know her for almost my whole life, i’m not her husband, i could have been, but i can say; this is so Hilma!
    What you see is what you get, and a bit more, even a lot more…..and it’s so true wat she’s telling us!

  • Geert Kemink says:

    Hilma here story and positivity gives me wings. Also Susan Mill here story. But losing all material stuff and even your lovely dog and still knowing insight (due to the training she followed FFU) she does the consistent steps to first let go and than stand up. Now it is time for here to start investing. It not all about changing but it is all about vision and focussing. Also she told me in here coaching about believing and consistency. I believe in here that she can make more people happy. Ann is her inspirer, I also follow Ann her video’s too and she is amazing. Read her book and i started to buy a tracker, possibly i will follow FFU the next round.

  • Hilma Bosma says:

    I love all the video’s can not vote for myself allthough i would love to win
    I think the video of Liss and Sam it is so great that we all are open about the money stuff and inspire others….
    We all go for progress so beautifull

  • Annet Dansen says:

    Dear Ann,

    I am touched by Hilma Bosma’s video. Especially the part about not being able to feed and offer her dog the medical care because of their temporary financial situation. I am convinced by the fact that if people are open about their situation and share their story in trust and honesty, people cross their path to reach out. Similar energies find each other if you’re open and believe in the power of the universe.

    I had very useful coaching conversations with Hilma and she gave me tools for life. I’m very impressed by her strength and confidence and her positive energy worked contagious. She teached me to find back my own source of stength and talents and to accept the unchangeable and walked beside me while I took baby steps towards solutions.

    Hilma also recommended to follow you and I will! You inspire me! I ordered your best seller The Wealth Chef Book through her!

  • Karin says:

    I watched Hilma’s interview. She is amazing. I admire the way she turns the negative experience of bankruptcy into a positive and energetic new way of life!

  • Sue Lachman says:

    Without a doubt Della speaks so well and gives such hope for freedom of money difficulties.

  • Hi Ann

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to vote on this and watch the hugely inspiring videos. Here are my votes:

    1. Della
    2. Heidi
    3. Jacqui
    4. Jenni

    Superb launch you create Ann, thank you for all you do to share with so many.

  • Sam Russell gets my vote, because years ago I had a lot of debt and whittled it down. Not as much as Sam I hasten to add, that did make me choke. However, well done her for doing it and finding her big WHY.

  • Janet Jongsma says:

    My personal preference is for Hilma Bosma.
    Her determination an positive attitude will get her trough this.
    Openness is very important in this situation.
    A good learning for other, BE HONEST !
    Respect for how this family deals with this setback.

  • Marie-Anne says:

    I really liked Mavis’s story. It’s a real problem borrowing money and she was so empowered after doing your course. I love how now she borrows money from herself. 🙂 A very clear and motivating story.

  • Miranda says:

    1. Mavis Mazhura- financial blindspots and the use of “good debt”
    2. Rionach: my second best!!! Its outstanding how she is building her wealth and already has set up a way of “giving back”
    3. Heide Sternberg: I can identify with being single mom and the confidence of negotiating with insurers and INVESTMENT products
    4. Nancy: she speaks about FFU also makes you look at yourself or parts of your personality- there is Individual growth linked to FFU!! A big huge gain for me

  • Miranda says:

    1. Mavis Mazhura- financial blindspots
    2. Seena Singh: REAL money solutions
    3. Heide Sternberg: I can identify with being single mom.

  • Cath says:

    WOW…this was so hard to choose 4 from. I wish to thank All of the people who have contributed their stories. They are all heart warming and inspiring. In some cases quite emotional. Shooo…I have seven on my list and I find it really a challenge to narrow it down, so I’m going to give you the seven I really resonated with and the rest will be up to the Universe. I think the ultimate prize is absolutely AWESOME and I wish the winner every joy when they receive it because they had the courage and commitment I didn’t have to GO FOR IT and make a video of their story. Well, Well done. I salute you All. So, in no particular order, my choices are…10) Della, 12) Jenni, 4) Rionach 5) George 9) Jacqui 14) Caroline 7) Caitriona…Thank U, Thank U, Thank U for sharing an amazing experience and thank U, Ann for FFU and the gift it has been in my life too.

  • Grant Harris says:

    Hi Ann
    My favourites are George Lizos (not because him and I are two of the, what seems to be very few, males taking advantage of your great training!), but because of his enthusiasm; Seena Singh (go South Africa) for her commitment to use her knowledge to help others; Rionach Aitken, also for passing on her knowledge and Nancy Kennewell.

  • Mduduzi Ncube says:

    Hi Ann,
    My vote goes to Seena Singh. Firstly she is Soith African, and so i can relate to her story?. Also, Her video is very inspiring for me, as it feels to me like I’m in the same boat and stage in my life, that got her started. I also love the fact that she has even gone further to stand up for others as well.

    I really hope to become part of this community and am looking forward to achieving my own financial independence day

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Hey Mduduzi, I’m really looking forward to you being a part of this awesome community too and thanks for you vote – I also love that Seena is now able to help others too. Thats what is so magical about making our own financial foundations strong.

  • Patrica Adams says:

    Hi Ann
    My four favourite videos are

    Della Tysall
    George Lizos
    Caroline Cavanagh
    Mavis Mahura

  • Riekie Opperman says:

    I love your number one story, Nancy Kennewell most. Also George Lizo, Heidi Sternberg and Seena Singh. All the other stories also have powerful messages.

    Love and Light


    • Ann Wilson says:

      Thanks so much for your vote Riekie. I love the bit where Nancy realises she most certainly isn’t “little Nancy”. They are all such great testaments to believing in dreams and taking action to make them happen with the support of knowledge, strategy and community. I am so grateful they all shared their stories as it really does sho that no matter where anyone starts – everyone can achieve freedom.

  • Susan says:

    Rionach’s story to me encompasses everything that Finacial Freedom encompasses. I LOVE how it has transformed her life but that she is paying it forward to her local community through her job. Amazing stories from everyone, but hers shone out the brightest for me!

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Thanks so much for your vote Susan – yes they all do shine don’t they. I am so proud of them all and every FFUer and Wealth Chef in the making who is choosing to claim back their freedom.

  • Maxine says:

    Hi Ann

    I’ve been thinking about joining FFU for over a year now, and last night thought that I probably am ready to join now. When I saw your email this morning, I decided that I would spend time looking through all the videos, and then make my final decision about whether or not to join FFU.

    Well, after the second video with Susan Mills, I signed up immediately. Her enthusiasm and trust to do FFU really got me. I heard her say how she made her investment back quite quickly. I lived in Sydney for a couple of years, so loved hearing her Australian accent, and to hear that she had flown to the UK FFU event, not just once but again and again, was the crazy sort of thing that I do when I’m passionate about something. That clinched it for me!

    I loved Geroge Lizos in the third video. I really liked his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. He is very wise, and I liked his strategy of mastering one element before moving onto another area. I agree that you have to invest in yourself.

    I loved how Catriona talked about how FFU made her feel in the seventh video, and was so happy for her that she was able to make the choice to be a full time mum because of the training.

    I enjoyed listening to Hilma. My grandad was Dutch, so it was nice to hear her accent. She really did hit financial rock bottom, and yet she has maintained a real positivity in spite of her circumstances, and I appreciate that energy. I also loved the story about her dog.

    I could identify with Jenni and the shiny object syndrome, since I too have invested tens of thousands in training, to be a successful coach. And I too had investments with a financial advisor, and did not like all the charges that I was paying to them for their services. I loved her energy.

    Well two hours seems to have flown by, and I’m looking forward to getting started on FFU myself now.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      I am sooooo thrilled you’ve joined FFU Maxine. A big juicy hallo from me and all the FFU’ers. I love your break down of your favourite videos and the great points in each of these awesome journeys. SO looking forward to having your story up there soon xxx

  • Nadhira says:

    Susan Mills was on the only one I watched.. That woman is Amazing! Part of it was because she’d been a client of mine and I was naturally interested. I think the reason it’s so gorgeous is because there’s a lot of shame and embarrasment that can remain hidden and for her to sat it out loud and then to see the transformation is just so inspiring xx

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Darling Nadhira, Susan is Amazing isn’t she. And then again I’m bias because I know every FFU’er is totally incredible. I love that Susan speaks so openly about the shame and confusion around money and how that has an impact on so many areas of our lives not supposedly related to money. For example Susan just didn’t have the confidence to get her books written with the money stuff hanging over her and now that is sorted the books have flowed.

  • Arleen says:

    I loved Susan Mills Interview – so passionate – and she really did it – very inspiring


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