How to Get Passive Income Streams Flowing From Other People’s Businesses


affiliate-marketing-passive-incomeYou may already have an asset you didn’t even realise you had. This asset could be working hard for you to add a passive income stream flowing in your life. This is exactly what you are wanting to create. Loads of wonderful little passive income streams which all add up to a big juicy wealth flow and driven by your assets. But it can’t do that until you recognise it for what it is – a huge opportunity.

I’m talking about the people in your life. Your network, your peeps, your colleagues and your social media friends. Specifically I’m talking about what you most probably already do but just don’t get paid for it.

Have you ever read a great book and recommended it to your friends, or attended a fantastic event, or done a brilliant training programme and then went on to share all about it with your network. Absolutely, that is what we do, we love to share.

So, to answer the question I get so often “Ann – how do I get more money flowing into my life?” I want to show you how to start turning the assets you already have into your life into these income streams and a fantastic way is through affiliate marketing.

An affiliate is someone who earns commissions for promoting someone else’s products or services.

For example, that awesome book you keep recommending to your friends?

You could sign up as an affiliate, and start earning money for making these recommendations.

That programme you did which made such a difference in your life?

You can sign up as an affiliate and share their stuff with your network and friends and if anyone buys one of those products or programmes through your recommendation – you earn a commission.

This is how you become an affiliate marketer.

Let’s take a look at WHY affiliate marketing is a great way to get a passive income stream flowing in to your life.

#1: It brings money flowing into your life

How much you earn depends on how involved you want to get. Referral fees range from percent arrangements (15-25% for example) to flat fees for specific once off sales. Why would a business give away this income? It’s simple: Affiliates increase their reach. You’re giving them a sale they may not have gotten at all, so everybody wins.

For example, in my own affiliate programme  I pay out 30% commission on products and my online training programmes. I know the huge value and the high-quality clients that referrals bring, so I’m happy to pay out a generous commission to keep those referrals coming in.

I know several online entrepreneurs who make six-figures and even much more… just through affiliate marketing. Some don’t even have their own products or offer any service—all they do is sell on behalf of others. It’s a great way to bring in extra income, and in some cases, a substantial full-time living.

#2: You decide how fast you want to flow to be

You can be as passive or active an affiliate as you wish. For example, perhaps you just want to pass on a link to a friend in an email, or list your personal recommendations on your website or a blog. To take it further, you can create videos about the product or program you’re promoting and how it impacted your life or you can let your friends know about it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

#3: You don’t need to invest any of your own money

Most affiliate programs are free to join. And this goes back to that win-win partnership. You earn money, and the business gets more sales and more exposure to people they wouldn’t be able to reach without your help and your network gets to hear about great products and programmes they may not have discovered otherwise.

You have no costs as an affiliate marketer.  All you have to do is promote other people’s stuff and sit back and let the money flow in.

How do you get started as an affiliate?

It’s easy to get started as an affiliate by just signing up  with your name, contact information, and agreeing to terms such as not to bombard people when you promote a company’s product. You will also be asked HOW you’d like to be paid. The most common method is via PayPal.

After you sign up, you’ll receive an affiliate link that has your unique affiliate code embedded in it. This is an important link, your key to getting a commission when recommending products/services. You’ll want to use that link in emails, and newsletters, your blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, basically anywhere online that you might be spreading the word about the product, event, or programme involved.

Good affiliate programs will send you updates about upcoming promotions and will give you sample emails and social media posts to use together with graphics. You can then just use what is given to you, making sure to add your unique affiliate link in the text or embedded in the graphic for easy online posting.

What should you promote?

I highly recommend only becoming an affiliate for a company, person, or program that you know, like, and trust, or with whom you’ve had personal positive experiences. You want to maintain your reputation with your friends, colleagues, and your wider network and you do this if you’ve actually used the product or programme that you’re promoting so you can share authentically.

You want to look for programs that provide you with pre-written promotion material, ideas, and images to use. And look for companies that spend time and money on planning big launches, especially leading with valuable free information. This means they invest a lot in making sure the sale will happen, so all you need to do is send them the contact. You look great by sharing valuable free video series, reports, webinars, teleseminars, etc. With your network and then the company does the work from there.

If you know that someone makes high-quality products, has a great reputation for delivering on their promises, and is serious about what they do, you really can’t go wrong joining forces with them and becoming an affiliate.

I’d be silly not to mention that this October, I’m expecting to send large amounts of money to members of my own affiliate programme,  You see, I’m getting ready for my big October launch where a number of new programmes will be available, and NOW is the time to get in on this opportunity!

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What other hidden assets do you have that you can get working for you to bring in streams of passive income which over time all add up to a great big wealth flow?






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