How To Become A Great Money Leader


Hey you awesome Money Leader

Wealth is a choice.

Leadership is a choice too, according to Seth Godin.

Apparently both these statements are seriously controversial which I just don’t get because realising that both wealth and leadership are choices and therefore something we can learn was a massive relief to me.

Now having lived financially free and wealthy (by my definition) for many, many years, what I know with absolute certainty, in relation to wealth and leadership, is this…

“To be wealthy you must first become a great leader;
To become a great leader you must choose to lead;
When you choose to lead you must develop the traits you need
so your leadership creates the wealthy life you want.”

There are Three Key Money Leadership Traits and in this video I share what these are and how to develop them in your life.

Watch the video now.


Once you’ve watched the video remember to leave me a comment.

I’d love to know…

What do you think about these Three Key Money Leadership Traits, which of these traits do you believe you are already strong in and which are you going to consciously develop more in your life?”


Go out there and grab your life with both hands.
Claim your rightful place as the leader of your life AND your money.
Celebrate the fact that wealth is a choice.
Accept the challenge – chose to lead and be wealthy.

woooooooooo I am so excited for you…

Big love



P.S – In the video I also talk about the difference between Money Management and Money Leadership. Go here to learn more about the difference between the two in another article.


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  • Nikki Bush says:

    You are so right about leaving your money alone to do what it is supposed to do once you have given it direction. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Tex Hlalele says:

    Thank you Ann, the 3 traits are spot on, they add to this concept of money leadership. It lends itself to the saying that what you cannot manage will manage you.

  • Carmona Vorster says:

    Taking responsibility for value. Your explanations are clear and are making sense to where I need to focus my money values, money energies and money for time into. Thanks a mil

  • Belinda Senekal says:

    1 what is my money story – my def of a wealthy life
    2 do I have processes, systems, automation
    3 taking responsibility for time money life

    as a matter of fact I will have to think hard about this. I am a easy out kind of person. responsibility takes effort

  • Charles and Joan Moore says:

    Ann – In looking at our money “story” have we also reflected on the “harvest” our money story has provided? A piece of point 3 value is what the circumstances we have placed ourselves in regarding the choices money has provided us is also the “juice” of BEING. The CHARACTER our soul harvest has taken to itself from the engagement with money choices – rich harvest – if seen in the right context!!


  • Love this video. I spent a lot of time yesterday on understanding my own money story, so now that I think I have that one handled, I’m going to work on the trait of leaving my money alone and not micromanaging it to death. It used to make me crazy when my employer would do that, so I’m sure it makes my new employee…Money crazy as well.

  • Desray clark says:

    Thank you Anne, the money stories aspect really hit home for me, in our house money was a source of fear, it was limited , so becoming aware of that aspect is very thought provoking

  • Sharon says:

    I really appreciate the reminder to be conscious of what value I am getting from the money I spend. Thank you for that, Ann.

  • I liked that earlier point in your video Ann to paraphrase a little, “Is this story or belief taking me away from my [money] goals?” It’s a good filter to use.

  • Leonie says:

    I never saw money as seeds. Also like the idea that money is an ingredient along with time and energy. Money (or the lack of it) has become a big stick that I beat myself with. It’s such a bully in my story that I don’t want to box with it. So the idea it’s a seed is delicious. Thanks.

  • John de Bruto says:

    Hi Ann my name is John l need your help l am completely lost. I have tried everything to succeed but my time is running out. I have to make money and money must then make money again. But l just don’t know what I’m dying wrong. It’s a long story and l am so afraid l loose everything l have worked so hard to achieve. Can you help me.

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you so much , I will definitely be using tip #3, creating value! I think the biggest change for me is how I view wealth, as being developed from the outflow rather then the inflow of money.

  • Jillian says:

    Loves your comments about putting value on EVERY dollar.

  • Keke Mokoena says:

    Thanks Anne. You do provide a clear holistic roadmap towards achieving attainable goals given my human challanges such as over thinking or not trusting or second guessing myself


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