How To Get Lower Interest Rates and Free Yourself From Debt Faster


Admit it or not, most of us are size-ist!

We believe bigger is better and this little seemingly insignificant bigotry could be costing you thousands (and keeping you in a debt hole).

Some of these “big” beliefs we are aware of consciously:

  • We believe we need loads of money to be financially free.
  • We believe we need a lot to successfully invest in the Stock Market.
  • We believe we need a bigger pay check to sort out our financial problems.
  • We believe we must do something BIG to make a difference in this world.

… and (hopefully by now) we know these beliefs to be bollocks.

Other things we make “big” jokes about but still believe to be true unconsciously…

  • like a man with big hands has a correspondingly powerful drill 😉
  • small money numbers are worthless and are best ignored.

Unfortunately, our size-ist bigotry and endless looking for the “BIG” very often causes us to miss out because we tend to glance over and delete the small things, believing they can’t contribute to what we want in an impactful way. This not only costs people potentially great lovers but also prevents them from making significant headway on their financial goals.

One of the “big is better so ignore the small things” disastrous money beliefs that really trips us up is misunderstanding interest rates – and how small changes in interest rate make massive differences in our wealth – positively and negatively.

Very few people understand what just 1% or even a 0,5% change in interest rate can do for them and their wealth on both sides of the balance sheet.  

DOWNLOAD the “Time & Interest Payoff Tool” and input different interest rates to see how big a difference it makes on how much you pay and the time to be free of the debt. 

Having the skill to increase the interest earned on your assets, and reduce it on your debts, is a skill that will set you apart from the masses and a skill you must acquire to become financially free.

Here is the most powerful way to reduce the interest on your debts:


 Yes, you read that correctly. Call the company you are indebted to (be it a credit card, store card, overdraft, car loan etc.) and ask for a lower interest rate! If you don’t ask you certainly won’t get and if you have been paying the debt off consistently they are very likely to negotiate.

Remember “the force is with you”. They want you to be indebted to them not someone else because you make them loads of money!

If the company says no, tell them that you will be closing your account this week and transferring your balance to a competitor who offers better interest rates. To sound convincing (and you should be serious about getting better interest rates at least until you are free of your debt forever) give them the name of the “other” company you’ll be taking your debt business to. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with various names as I am sure you are inundated with offers from banks and credit card companies offering you loans and asking you to transfer your balances to them.

If they still say they can’t do anything for you ask to speak with a supervisor. Supervisors generally have the authority to give you a lower rate right then on the phone.

In many cases, you can significantly reduce your interest rate just by asking and in doing so significantly reduce the amount of interest you will pay.

If you are not sure what to say on this call, I’ve laid it all out for you in an easy to follow – interest rate slashing – call script.


You may not have success on every credit card or loan, that’s okay and it’s important to not take it personally or get disheartened because you are going to be blitzing those debts anyway and very soon they will be a thing of the past.

The things to remember as you make these calls are:

  • the person on the other end of the phone has no idea who you are and they aren’t judging you, and
  • every tiny reduction in interest rate you manage to negotiate will make your freedom come that bit sooner.


In the comments below I’d love to hear:

 “How did your interest rate slashing calls go and what reduction in interest rates you were able to achieve?”

 Alternatively, if you didn’t make the call,

“What held you back from making the call and asking for a lower interest rate?”

Let’s create a new better reality together where consumer debt no longer holds people back from experiencing their true wealth.

Big love






The most powerful way to reduce the interest being charged on your debts is to NEGOTIATE! Get your script, here >>> 






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