FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt


How are you doing ?

I hope a lot better than me. As I write this my gut is churning, not from a bout of FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – but from a bout of river gut. 

I picked up a hitchhiker in my gut whilst training for the upcoming river race I’m doing next week. A nasty bacteria that is causing mayhem in my bowels and definitely making me distrust a fart. Way too much information LOL.

But the churning sensation made me think of FUD. 




One of the biggest blocks to having and living the lives we really want and a huge barrier to creating real sustainable wealth.

You know by now that creating real, sustainable wealth and finally being free of financial worry is NOT about earning more and EVERYTHING about having great quality assets doing the earning and working and giving you great returns.

BUT… just knowing this doesn’t necessarily make the investment journey easier.

Venturing into new things is scary.

What if I get it wrong?

What if I lose the money I have worked so hard for?

How do I know it will work out?

The churn starts and FUD – the three horsemen of financial despair- come riding in, ensuring inaction.

That’s the great risk of FUD. 

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt cause us to do nothing!

Nothing is the most dangerous thing we can do.

So what do you do when you realise FUD has ridden into town?

How to Conquer FUD


1. Get Informed.

Knowledge is the greatest weapon against FUD. 

Learn what investing is. Discover what different asset types are available. Understand the principles of successful investing. Know how to evaluate different types of investments. Learn how to determine if your investments will get you where you want and need to be. Know what tax incentives are available to you. 

This is what you must do. And it isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Remember – 

Nobody popped out of the womb a great investor. Being great with money and investing is a learned skill

Ann Wilson 

So learn. 

Also learn WHAT is available to invest in. 


Robert Kiyosaki

There are so many incredible investments available and different ways to invest. But we aren’t taught this stuff.  Nor are most of us exposed to it in the world of ‘study hard, get a good job, work hard, and hopefully you’ll be OK’

Put yourself in environments to discover what is out there in the “asset world”. 

Well done for being part of The Wealth Chef world, this is a great way to get and stay informed. 

Join the upcoming masterclass on Syndicated Investment Opportunities to learn more about these type of investments 



2. Take Action

Doing nothing is the thing you should fear most. It is very hard to get perspective or even a tiny bit of clarity when we are sitting in thick FUD soup. 

One of my mentors often reminds me, Ann…

“It’s hard to steer a parked car”

Get those wheels moving. You don’t need to put your foot flat on the accelerator, even the tiniest movement will make a difference.

Taking action could be reading a book to learn more. If you haven’t yet read The Wealth Chef Book, get yourself your copy NOW and read it. 

Join the Wealth Builders and do the wealth health check to determine where you are on your wealth journey and get clarity on the steps you need to take.

Open your online broker account.

Get your Will in place.

Commit to your debt blitzing plan.

Do any small action on your wealth plan to get your momentum going and then you’ll be able to turn your steering wheel

Action clears FUD. 


3. Get Support

We must all navigate the paradox that…

This journey belongs to no-one but ourselves 


no-one successfully does it alone.

All of us must make our own way and let go of the illusion that someone is coming to rescue us… 

We must accept the truth that…

Nobody is coming! 

The reason that nobody is coming is because that someone is already here. That someone is YOU.

You, me. 

We are the ones that must walk our own path to freedom. We are the ones that will ‘rescue us”.


We cannot do this alone.

Part of taking full responsibility for our wealthy lives is ensuring we have people and communities in our lives that are supportive and generative. Places we can feel safe to ask the things we need to ask. To learn, to get support and to give support.

We must learn to ask for and receive help.

We must have a place where we feel safe to admit we are stuck and paralised by FUD.

A place where people we trust will remind us who we are and what is important to us and help us take that action step.

This is how we get where we are going faster.

Join the Wealth Builders and become part of this supportive community. 

I’ve finally given in to taking a seriously mean antibiotic to free myself of my FUDDY gut. I hope you’re going to take action towards your freedom too.

Big love




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