How Far Away Is Your Freedom?



Specifically, your financial freedom?


One of the great myths we collectively buy into is that freedom is a long, long way away and with it our success and living life free.

I want to be clear – Financial Freedom is a destination!

There is a unique and specific Financial Freedom Number with your name on it that you absolutely must know to reach freedom

This number tells you the value of your assets you need, to never have to work again.


Your Life Freedom is not a long distance destination that requires a whole load of assets and take time to generate.

Your Life Freedom is just one step away.

Understanding this is one of the most liberating truths to comprehend and this is what this video is all about.

To be free, you do need to know your freedom number, so once you’ve watched the video, click here to go to the video on how to calculate your unique Financial Freedom Number.

Then, chew on what we are talking about here, which is your True Freedom.

It’s about claiming back your true free self, by remembering that freedom is always only one step away.

So what do I mean?

To understand this, we need to understand what freedom isn’t.

The opposite of freedom is being unconscious and continuing on whatever path we are on, not knowing where it is taking us, or worse having a pretty good idea where it is taking us but believe we have no other choice.

The opposite of freedom is being on a path that we never consciously chose.

The opposite of freedom is being on a path because it’s the path everyone else is on.

The opposite of freedom is being on the same path our parents were on or said we should be on.

The opposite of freedom is following the path advertisers and the media tells us we must be on in order to be loved, successful and enough!

This is the unconscious path of the majority of the world.

The path of fear, scarcity, greed and compliance.

This is the devastating path that many people wake up on at the end of their lives and think

“OMG – I’ve wasted this precious life walking a path that was never mine to walk”

It’s the path the majority of the world are on, following the steps they’ve been told they need to follow to be financially ok (let alone free). Doing jobs they hate, staying in relationships that long ago stopped being generative, unconsciously ticking boxed of possession and consumption because that’s what they’ve been told they need to do to be wealthy or perhaps just safe.

Most people have no idea what Financial Freedom actually is or how to create it. At best it’s some vague intangible concept.

So here comes the freedom part.

Freedom comes with waking up.

Once we realise we’re on a path that is taking us to ‘money hell’, i.e. it’s taking us away from where we really want to be – we’ve taken the first step to freedom.

STEP 1 : Become Conscious of the Path You Are On And Where It Is Taking You

Stop and ask yourself…

“Is the path that I’m currently on, are the steps I’m currently taking, are the things I’m doing – with my money, my time, my energy – are these taking me to the life that I really want?”  

Consciousness brings us one step away from freedom.

It’s not quite there yet, but it is super close.

As soon as we’re conscious of where we are and where our path is heading, we’re almost free, because now we’ve got freedom of choice.

If the path we are on isn’t our true free path and instead it’s taking us away from freedom, we have two choices.

We can choose to stay on it or get off it.

Yes you are free to stay on the unconscious path. That’s called free will.

I wouldn’t advise staying on a path leading you ever further away from your freedom and living your true life but we have been the choice to do exactly that.

It’s the choice to claim back our liberty.

It’s the choice to step off the unconscious path, the path of fear and compliance, and take just one step onto a new path heading back to freedom and the life you want.

That’s why I say freedom is only ever one step away.

As soon as you realise you’re on a wrong path, you can choose to step off it and follow another way. The instant you do that, you are free!

If you’ve been heading down a debt ridden path getting deeper and deeper into a dept hole, the first thing that needs to happen to get off that path is consciousness.

You have to become conscious of where your steps are taking you and be aware that the path you are on may not ever get you to the life you want.

That awareness then gives you the choice to say…

“I’m choosing to step onto the path of creating a debt free life and to freedom.”

If you’ve been unconsciously consuming, not creating assets, and trying to work harder to earn more, I’m telling you that is not the road to freedom. The road to freedom is the one paved with asset that do the earning for you.

Now you have awareness.

Now you have a choice.

Do you stay on the road you now know is going nowhere, or do you stop and take that one step onto the path of freedom?

Your freedom is always just one step away.

STEP 2 Choose Freedom! Choose You!

That first step is the most difficult. As humans our unconscious will always cling to our familiar suffering rather than unfamiliar freedom. It will kick and scream and argue with us, giving us endless reasons why we should stay on the crappy path to nowhere.

When you can step off that path, despite this resistance, by focusing on your big why and your freedom –  you are free.

You are free because now you’re heading towards the life that you really want and you are no longer a slave to the unconscious programming.

Freedom of choice. You are using it in service of your life, you’re making that choice consciously and you’re no longer unconsciously drifting in your life.

You are now the one designing your life, driving it, leading it, and taking it towards your freedom.

Take that step. It does take courage to take that step.  It will feel uncomfortable and even scary, but it’s worthwhile scary, because it is you claiming back your life, your freedom, your determination to have the life you really want.

I know you can do this, because you wouldn’t be watching this if you didn’t have that courage.

There you have it.

Whilst financial freedom does have an clear outcome, a destination, a financial freedom number, the value of assets that you need so that you never have to work again and you’re going to work out what that is.

The real freedom comes from freedom of choice!

In the comments below I’d love to know (show me that courage) :

  • What is the path you need to step off? Is it the debt path, is it the path of staying in a disempowering relationship? Is it the path of trying to make everyone else happy at the expense of your wellbeing?

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for juicy wealth snacks, insight and inspiration as they create their juicy financially free lives too.

Your ideas and shares may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough and perhaps give someone else the courage to take the step they need to take to be free.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your juiciest life.

With huge love



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