How To Eat An Elephant To Get Out Of Debt


Let’s be clear, I have no intention of eating an elephant, ever.

I’d rather eat a poacher quite frankly.

This rescued elephant in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal seemed intent on eating me when I was taking too long with a selfie instead of feeding her.

This rescued elephant in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal seemed intent on eating me when I was taking too long with a selfie instead of feeding her.

But enough with my environmental politics and passions, we’re here to talk about you and get you achieving all your financial milestones on your way to your freedom, including one of the most powerful of all – breaking free from debt and staying free.

So back to the ellies …

Metaphorically speaking, if you had to “eat” a gigantic pachyderm sized challenge, how would you do it?

In bite sized chunks of course!

Ahhh groan…

… I know, it’s a very groan worthy joke yet like most jokes there is a massive dollop of truth in it.

Staring at a vast challenge ahead of you – be it the enormous mountain of your freedom number you are going to summit or the massive hole of your consumer debt you are going to fill in – is always demotivating.

Seeing the whole thing ahead of you can make the goal feel impossible and the thoughts of all the energy required and trying to digest all that can make you feel very ill indeed.

Has that happened to you?

  • Have you been stopped in your tracks by sheer megalophobia (fear of big things)?
  • Perhaps you managed to overcome the overwhelm and intimidation and get going but as you “progressed” you looked at how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go and just gave up?

If this is you then you’re not alone. Us weird human creatures are designed to naturally see the problems and the gaps between where we are and where we want to be and then punish ourselves for “bad” behaviour or not being there yet.

Expectations of where we would like to be compared to our progress is often deemed as “poor” performance and we are quick to condemn and berate ourselves. Unless you are into pain, this is never good for our motivation and the guilt and shame of “not being good enough” or worse still “a failure” usually results in us giving up on dreams and goals.

So what is a budding Wealth Chef to do?

Know what the BIG ELEPHANT sized goal is, glance at it, know it’s dimensions and how you will know you’ve got it done and then…


This is the super hero power move of successful people. People who achieve great things have learned how to completely ignore the great thing they are really after and instead focus completely on completing the next baby step on the journey.

This is what todays video is all about. How breaking down your wealth goals into small bite sized chewable chunks is the insider trick to staying motivated and on course.

Watch the video now…


I’ll unpack the 5 reason why bite sized chunking works so effectively in another article, but for now, know that it does and get empirical proof by putting it to the test in your own life.

STEP 1: Choose your next financial freedom goal, (it could be breaking free from all your consumer debt, blitzing your next priority debt, creating your emergency fund, achieving your safety net saving target, or clocking your next net worth goal on your freedom menu).

STEP 2: In the comments below let me and your fellow Wealth Chefs know your goal so you’ve made a commitment here.

STEP 3: Select your preferred doodle pattern and download your FREE Wealth Chef Doodle Sheet 

STEP 4: Follow the instructions on the doodle sheet to calculate the value of each bite sized doodle block and get going.

STEP 5: Focus on achieving one doodle block at a time and celebrate your achievement as each gets completed by coloring it in and any other juicy thing that will tell you, you are awesome and you are doing this.


I can see lots of successful chomping happening and with its massive progress on your financial freedom journey.

Remember – keep making it fun.

Just because your financial freedom is important doesn’t mean it’s got to feel like work.

Big love






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  • Katya Frith says:

    Hi Ann.
    Thanks to your course I started investing into the passive investment fund and managed to save more money that I have ever saved. I also increased my pension contributions at work. Both investments are already bringing me profit. That makes me very happy.
    However I still have a lot of consumer debts which I would like to reduce. Your video is very helpful in doing that. So my current goal is to get rid of this debt in 2 years.

  • May Pritchard says:

    Hi Ann

    I have been trying to do what you are teaching, it is definetly making me more conscious of what I am doing at all times with my Finances, thank you for being the first wealth coach to actually give us the weapons of our warefare.

  • Ann says:

    Hi Ann! I’ve decided to push toward topping up my tax free savings account allowances. That was a goal I wouldn’t have even dreamed of last year. Since taking your course in the fall, however, I’ve managed to save more money than ever before. I’m excited to commit to this now because I have the tools needed to follow it through, and I’m not going to sacrifice any happiness to do it. Thanks for the challenge! 🙂

  • Glynis says:

    Thanks Ann, I am starting with my emergency fund. One small bite size at a time.

  • Thabi says:

    Thanks, Ann. I am paying off my last credit card debt this month and will be starting my emergency fund in March. I plan to contribute R1000 per month for the next 15 months.

  • Esme says:

    Is there a way out if you can not even pay your debt every month ?
    I can not take thisbattle anymote

    • Julie says:

      Esme, this is exactly what Ann is talking about in the blog post above – it seems insurmountable when you look at it as this huge debt in front of you. Start by asking yourself different questions, like how could I earn more money? What could I do this week to make more money? I totally get where you are – believe me, but a change in my attitude has empowered me so much. I haven’t got to where I want to be, but I’m now looking in the right direction. (And I just made a bit of extra cash for sending a couple of emails and posting on facebook – affiliate marketing! It’s not going to change my life, but it’s one of those little chunks and all it cost me was a little time and a little discomfort (I jumped out of my comfort zone with what I posted. In fact, the big benefit has been a huge confidence boost, and now I’m finally going to launch my website as a result – but that’s another story!) I hope you can start to find ways to take small chunks out of your debt and start your journey to financial freedom. Blessings, Julie <3 PS I've put the URL of my website in the form – I'm not sure if it will show up in my comment, maybe you can click on it and find that in the next month or so it will be live!!

  • C REUM says:

    Started this journey in July 2016. Totally debt free. Credit card still frozen in ice in the freezer.
    Yes a process was happening but huge acceleration has taken place.
    Awareness is the first step to compounding the ingredients and manifesting.


Your email address will not be published.