How to Earn Income from Investment Property.


Property, property, property. 

It’s one of your core asset classes and a super juicy asset class to accelerate your wealth creation. 

We’re talking about investment property, NOT the home you live in.

Your home is NOT an asset!

If that is news to you or you are still unclear as to why that is, check out this article – Your Home Is Not An Asset.

Now that we are clear we are talking only about Investment property, let’s explore the different ways you can make money from this amazing asset class. 

There are literally thousands of different strategies you could use in investment property investing, so we cannot go into each on fine detail in this video.  

Instead I have clustered the strategies into the primary investment categories and outcomes plus I use examples to spark a new way of thinking about what investment property investing can do for you and which strategies fall into the different wealth generation categories so you are more empowered in knowing which to use for your specific wealth creation objective.

Watch the video now to get inspired and informed.


The first investment outcome category is the way you make money from property. There are two primary ways any asset grows your wealth.

In investment property this is referred to as the yield.

Yield is the income you get from somebody utilising a space owned or controlled by you. 

That is all property investing really is! 

Investment property = providing a space that somebody rents and you get paid income in return for them being able to benefit from the use of that space. 

When you think of property as just a space your whole view of investment property expands. That space can literally be a parking space, a tent, a garage, a garden shed, a tree house, a storage container, a yurt in a field somewhere, and of course the more traditional forms of investment property space such as an apartment, an industrial unit, a family house, a retail space, a commercial space and the list goes on.

I hope you are starting to realise investment property is a significantly bigger asset class with a huge array of things you can earn money from, than you may have thought.

The second way assets contribute to your wealth is through capital growth.

In investment property this is via the increase in the value of the property. 

Every asset makes money for you in these two ways. The income that it generates and the growth in its value. These together are your Return On Investment (ROI).



In Investment property, when we think about income strategies, the one that most people think of is “buy-to-let”. Owning a property and renting it out. 

It could be an entire house, it could be an apartment, it could be a single room, it could be an industrial unit, it could be a garage or a carpark. The point is – own it, rent it out for a period of time, get income back.

To increase the yield, i.e. the income a property can generate, divide the place into smaller bits and rent each out separately. 

Buy-To-Let is also a great strategy to use to get the power of good debt also known as leverage working for you. Read this article to understand investment property leverage and how it accelerates your capital growth. 

Multi-Lets and HMO

You could take an entire house and instead of renting it out as one unit, you rent out each individual room. This is doing room lets in a model known as House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). You could also convert the dining room or other underused spaces into another habitable bedroom and increase your ROI significantly by increasing the number of bedrooms available to rent. 

Serviced Accommodation

As opposed to a long-term buy-to-let model where somebody gets beneficial use of the space and you sign a contract and off they go, you could do short-term serviced accommodation. Serviced because it’s furnished and you might provide some services. And short terms because you rent out the space on a short term basis, typically by the week or day. This could be the same as the buy-to-let apartment but instead of a year long lease, you furnish it and make it available for short term rental on sites like or airBnB. 

Services HMO

Better still, you can create a serviced accommodation HMO. One dwelling with multiple rooms that you rent out individually on short term lets.

Rent to Rent

You don’t even need to own a property to get income from it. There is a super cool strategy called Rent to Rent (R2R). 

With R2R you can do all the investment strategies you can do with properties you own, but to make them profitable it is likely you will need to go with the serviced accommodation model – either whole unit or HMO style multi-room lets.

HMO and Serviced Accommodation HMO’s are fabulous strategies and you can build a portfolio of these HMO’s by buying below market value and / or adding value then refinancing and repeating the process.

There’s a problem with this though:

  • It takes time
  • It takes (a lot of) money
  • It is not readily scalable
  • You’re at the mercy of the banks for funding.

Back to R2R.

Imagine you could control an unlimited number of these super-profitable multi-lets with no money in the deal, no mortgage, no deposit, and no credit checks. And if something changes in the market and demand dries up you aren’t left holding the property, you just give it back to the owner!

We’re back to the “is this really possible?” 

Yes it is and this awesome property investment hack is what R2R is all about.

The awesome thing is R2R is not only a hack for large multi-let HMO type strategies, you can also use the R2R strategy on a traditional buy-to-let unit, or even a single room or a unique space. 

On Airbnb,, and other short term rental sites, unique spaces are really popular. You could literally pitch a tent in your garden. Do you have a spot with a lovely view? Could you build a treehouse that people could come to, pitched as a unique experience, an outdoor opportunity, a writer’s retreat?

Don’t get stuck by what you believe the traditional model of property investment is. 

An expert in the world of Rent to Rent (R2R) is Tamryn Sherriffs and she has a great masterclass which explains it in more detail. Click here to get her masterclass free. I highly recommend you check it out to see it R2R could be an option for you, especially if you aren’t progressing with this asset class because you don’t own property, you don’t have the deposit to buy a property, and you want asset generated  income coming in.

I’ve covered just a few property investment income strategies in this blog and I’ll do one on capital growth strategies too real soon. But hopefully this has gotten your juices flowing and you have an inkling of why this investment class is so juicy.

There are so many ways you can get investment property working for you to bring more cash flow into your life which can then be used to buy other assets and accelerate your freedom. 

In the comments below I’d love you to share:

  • Are you already an investment property owner, and if so, what is your core wealth strategy – income or growth.

The more we share together, the more we learn. The more we learn the more we discover how many ways there are for us to create abundant wealth and live our juiciest, fullest lives possible, in a way that aligns to us.

So be abundant, share abundantly, let us know what you are investing in, how it is that working for you, your successes and your challenges.

Keep focusing on your freedom, taking actions, and most importantly, enjoy the life that you have now.


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  • Veronica Magadlela says:

    Hi Ann
    I like listening to you videos and I like the advise you give to us.
    I joined wealth chef, peer to peer investment, the are questions that I can’t get answers, my sponsor font seem to understand, I once sent a message but did not get help.
    I think the peer to peer system can help people, and since it’s a SA product,

    Plz assist, the last level, level 4 where does the 16 people come from thst will give the R4000?
    R4000 x16
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Veronica M

  • Claire says:

    Hi Ann, as always I love your energy in this video. I have invested in Crowd Property (UK), using their Innovative Fund ISA, so I don’t pay tax on the interest. They lend money to people who are building properties, but raise that money by crowd funding. Super easy to do and they have mostly been paying interest of 7-8% on their loans. They provide information about due diligence and have measures in place to reduce the risk of investment being lost, plus their communication with us lenders is great.

  • Devon says:

    Firstly, Ann, you look fabulous and I love feeling so inspired by your exuberance and genuine love for you lifes work. p.s. I love that shirt! Secondly my creative idea around generating wealth from property is to rent out my lounge room as a treatment space. I am a 1:1 yoga coach and whilst my work is online, I and have created for myself, a gorgeous zen space and it would do very well to rent out by the hour without impacting my use of it at all! Thank you!!

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