Tools for Wealth

Tools help you to understand where you are with regard to your 4 Wealth Ingredients. They help you manage and take control of your money and include your “Big Why?”, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Management, etc. Tools for Wealth give your money direction so it can serve you!


Get Your Money Working Hard With The Blank Canvas Technique 5 comments

Believe it or not, there is loads of money sitting right under your nose. Big piles of it and one of those piles of money is hiding like ...


How 30-somethings Can Have the Financial Freedom They Want 6 comments

With so many people frighteningly behind on stocking their financial freedom pots, you'd think that the 50-somethings rapidly approaching re...


SECRET To Success: Attending Live Events 0 comments

I've just got back to Paris after running a hugely successful sold out Wealth Weekender event in the UK and straight after that I jumped...


Your Net Worth Is Not Your Self Worth 4 comments

Your Net Worth is Not Your Self Worth! Paradoxically your Net Worth is closely linked to your Self Worth. The Journey to financial freedo...


How To Create Your Own Income Statement 6 comments

Your life is your business and your income statement, together with your balance sheet are your two wealth cooking measures showing you ho...


How to Get Passive Income Streams Flowing From Other People’s Businesses 0 comments

You may already have an asset you didn’t even realise you had. This asset could be working hard for you to add a passive income stream flo...

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Forget the old recipe of getting a good job, working hard all your life just to get by and hoping there may be some money left at the end of it all to finally live the life of your dreams. instead, discover the world of a Wealth Chef. By understanding just five Recipes of Wealth, you can live your dream life now, while creating Financial Freedom!