Your Wealth Destiny

This is ultimately what creating wealth is all about. Why do we want to understand money, master it, manage it, make it? It is about creating a financial foundation to increase the quality of our lives – to have experiences, spend more time with the people we love, to be able to contribute to society – and create the greatest version of your life. What is your wealth destiny?


Why Financial Empowerment Is Activism! 0 comments

June 16th is a day of devastation, dreams, decisions and destiny. June 16th is the day South Africa commemorates the Soweto Uprising, a ser...


Books that Can Change Your Life 7 comments

We've watched enough TV.  It's time to read some books…. And I’ve got some suggestions that have changed my life or at the minimum hel...


Small Acts Make A Big Difference 0 comments

Thank you…  ...your generosity is saving one of the most precious and vulnerable assets we have, our wildlife. A few weeks ago I set up...


Financial Resilience in a Time of Turbulence 0 comments

Before we dive into financial resilience, what it is, how to have it and what you should and should not be doing right now to ensure your fi...


How to Get an Online Shop Up & Operating in Just 5-days 0 comments

At the FFU LIVE 2020 event, one of the world’s TOP e-commerce experts gave us a really powerful talk on how easy and inexpensive it can be...


How To Make Your Kids Wealthy 4 comments

What should parents be focusing on to ensure their kids' financial future?  When speaking to audiences all over the world, I often ask t...

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Forget the old recipe of getting a good job, working hard all your life just to get by and hoping there may be some money left at the end of it all to finally live the life of your dreams. instead, discover the world of a Wealth Chef. By understanding just five Recipes of Wealth, you can live your dream life now, while creating Financial Freedom!