Why Your Brains Wiring May Be Keeping You Poor and What You Can Do About It


A question for you, you wonderful Wealth Chef in the making…

Is your greatest asset keeping you poor?

Our minds are one of the sexiest and most amazing parts of us. Yet that very same mind that can take you on the most incredible journey is also the very same mind that could be keeping you locked in a cycle of feeling poor and keeping you far from experiencing your juicy wealthy life.  You see, early on in our development our brain creates a plethora of connections between things and experience in the world around us and the emotions we feel inside us. These connections, associations, meanings and linked emotions become the base of how we experience the world. In effect, these connections, created by our brains, become our own personal “42”, our attempt to create meaning in this world.

Now there is good news and bad news…

The Bad News

Our brain very often gets these connections wrong, and left unchecked and uncorrected, these ‘misfiring’s” can create a world of misery for us.

The Good News

Once you discover some of your brains wiring has gone haywire and is creating misery and keeping you from living your wealthy life you can change the wiring.

This video reveals one of the most common AND MOST INCIDIOUS mis-wiring in our brains. When I first became aware of this skewed association that my brain had created I was blown away. So many things I had struggled with in terms of experiencing my wealthy life made so much sense AND most importantly, with the awareness of this faulty wiring came the power to change it.

Watch the video now.


For a significant part of my life I thought the way my mind worked was the way my mind worked! I never questioned the stuff it churned out, the meaning it gave to things and I certainly didn’t consider that it was just a tool, like money, which I could learn to use consciously to create the life I wanted to live.

When I discovered that not only could I be the master of my mind, but that I could change the wiring that was causing pain, my life instantly because wealthier.


When you break free from the belief that more stuff must mean more happiness you become free to discover your unique enoughness threshold and live your wealthy life.


Your enoughness threshold is the magical doorway to a new world of abundance and wealth. This is your personal wardrobe to your Narnia, the wormhole that enables you to move instantaneously from poverty to wealth.

In the comments below I’d love to know…

What is your enoughness threshold?

“What are the key elements in your life that make up your enoughness – those things that if you knew you already had them in your life you would be able to stop seeking more?

Your enoughness threshold is a portal worth seeking and I believe it is already hiding in plain sight in your life.

Go out there and play with your enoughness threshold..

woooooooooo I am so excited for you, this is such a cool game to play…

Big love


P.S – If you giggled at “42” – you’ve just been exposed as a fellow Hitchhiker’s Guide Groupie like me! If your brain is scratching its own head trying to find a connection between 42 and your wealth, then quickly drop everything and devour “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. It won’t help you construct your investment portfolio but it will make your life wealthier.

P.P.S  – The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is.


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  • Rionach says:

    I love this concept of an enoughness threshold. I’m increasingly asking myself what is essential in my life, what brings me joy and deep fulfilment. For me, on top of basic living needs, time with my beloved, connecting with nature, poetry, creativity, growth, contribution through empowering others. But it is a constant question to live with, tuning in to deeper levels of what’s essential for me. The more I appreciate what’s essential, the more my drive for more falls away.

  • Catherine says:

    My realisation only this week has been that my need for material possessions is so low that I am unwilling to drive myself for money alone. In fact I think my currency is different, perhaps time or volition. Work in progress!


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