Beat The Boxing Day Blues


Hello, Gorgeous Wealth chefs

  • Over-indulged (feeling more stuffed than the turkey);
  • Over-dosed (on jingle bells, sparkling lights, sugar and good cheer, family and TV repeats); and
  • Over-drawn (with the bank cards and accounts battered and bruised by Christmas )….

…. it’s not surprising there is a song called Boxing Day Blues.

The term Boxing-Day comes from the tradition of giving a “Christmas Box” of money or presents on the day after Christmas to all those that have served you through the year as thanks for good service.

How nice is that!

A generous dose of gratitude to end off a feast is the best digestif in the world.

Unfortunately the modern consumer machine has turned this “Day of Gratitude and Enoughness” into a frenzy of scarcity and consumption  and another opportunity to max out already battered credit cards and ensure people enter the New Year with massive financial worry and regret. Yep – I’m talking about the Boxing Day Sales.

Instead of letting all that food digest and enjoying the abundance in your life while thanking your money for it’s support in the past year, and inviting it to stay in your life and support you more in the year to come –   you get another chance to get rid of it from your life. And if there is no money left after the Christmas binge, no-worries, you can get rid of New Year’s money too, long before you’ve even received it. Just slap it on your credit card!

Boxing Day sales came about for a very simple reason: after Christmas, shops are stuffed with crap that nobody wants and take up valuable space. Whilst setting fire to the load of it may be exactly what should happen, insurers have switched on to the “accidental electrical short induced fire excuse”. So retailers came up with the idea of the “Boxing-Day Sales” to convince us that we “neeeeeeeeeed” this crap and what an effective idea it turned out to be.

Every year thousands of people flock to the shops when they wouldn’t normally bother and help shift this unwanted stock at their cost!

Before you accuse me of being the Grinch that ruined Boxing Day, I’ll remind you that I LOVE A BARGAIN and squeezing massive value from my money!

And it’s because I value money and ensure I get the most from the money I choose to let out of my life that you will never catch me among the throngs stampeding through the Boxing Day sales.

If you really want to save money, you dont go to the Boxing Day sales!

For many it has become an unconscious ritual! Barely has the wrapping fallen to the floor from the pile of Christmas gifts before the mind scampers off imagining all the wonder “more” stuff it can get on the sales. The More Monster takes over yet again driving the insatiable need for more.

For the die-hards, sleeping bags get dragged to cold pavements to spend a sad, cold night in the hope of being first in line. By six in the morning the laggards have joined them, and like riot police elbows are pushed out at the ready. The frenzy builds to fever pitch as the doors finally open and the wave of sad human greed and consumerism surges through.

For what? The five t-shirts that sit on your shelf with the tags still on all year, the “Little Black Dress” you convince yourself fits . . . at least, it does when you stop breathing? The cushions that will match your sofa . . . until you get it home and they don’t? The must have pasta maker when you’ve forgotten you’re gluten intolerant? To be followed by weeks of regret because sale items cannot be returned and months and months of financial stress as you repair the damage caused to your financial goals and pay back the debt!

The very principle of these sales bemuse me. I understand that if a salesman lets you know that the exact item you want will be 90% off in this sale, then you wait and make your money work hard. But that isn’t what’s happening with 99,999% of sales shoppers.

Most sales shoppers have no idea what they want, they just take a stack of  money they don’t have in the form of credit cards and go on the hunt for things to get rid of this money on.

Their ‘bargain’ is a must-have not for the value it will bring them in their life – it’s a must-have for no other reason than fear of missing out.

The sad joke being, that they miss out on way more than the thing they never even knew existed let alone wanted. They miss out on what that money could have given them – support, security, peace of mind and financial freedom –  if that money had been allowed to stay in their life and converted into assets instead of empty crap.

The clue to the worthlessness of most sales stuff is in the price. Nothing is in the sale out of the vast generosity of the retailer. It’s in the sale because nobody else wants it; because it’s ugly or flawed; because it’s price was artificially pushed up to make you think it’s a bargain now and YES – because your bum, and even Gisele Bundchen’s  does look big in it!

What makes it doubly insane is that these days anyone with access to a computer does not need to settle for leftover rejected crap.

Bargains and specials are available all year-round and are limitless – if you choose to look. The consumer universe changed significantly with the expansion of online shopping, and retailers are clambering over themselves to undercut each other online.

When you know you really want and need something, all you have to do is sit back, let your fingers do the searching and let the deals come to you.

If you do succumb to the holiday sales frenzy, please see it for what it is. You’ve chucked your money away to burden yourself with junk you don’t need, won’t use and probably never really wanted and taken yourself even further away from your financial freedom dream.

The best gift you could give yourself is to direct that money to “Blitzing Your Debt”  and move into the New Year knowing you’ve put yourself and your dreams first.






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