Banks Are Screwing Everyone, Here’s How


How much can you earn right now in your traditional bank account? 

I looked at my UK bank account to see what wonderful interest I could earn from loaning my money to them, and what I saw was even worse than I imagined. 

This is a screenshot of my UK savings account.

0.01% – WTF!!!

At that rate I am paying them to have access to my money, and with inflation my money is rapidly losing its buying power. It’s a lose – lose for me and a win for banks.

Interest rates on US bank accounts are just as dismal.  Current “high-Interest” savings accounts in the US are giving a whopping 0.6 to 0.7 APY 🙈

When we put our money into bank accounts we are lending them our money. They then lend that money out and charge big interest rates to their borrowers.

If our money is not working hard by either getting a great interest rate or getting a great return on investment with capital growth and income yield, we cannot achieve our financial freedom.

And when you have achieved your financial freedom capital sum, if you can’t get that money earning for you, you’ll have to start eating into the capital which is a huge No-No if you intend to stay financially free.

Banks could pay higher interest rates on savings but why would they – after all the general public has become so used to dismal interest rates. Plus, most people have no clue that they have other options.

So what are these other options?

I’m glad you asked. 

Ways To Earn 10% + On Your Money

WAY #1 – Become The Banker

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer loan platforms have opened up the world of lending to everyday investors. Thanks to these platforms you can lend your money and get decent interest back. Rates similar to what the banks are getting on your savings. This way you cut out the bank and become the bank. 

Here’s a screenshot of the US peer to peer property backed loan platform Groundfloor showing all the loans open for investors with interest rates being paid of 10%. 

Let’s say you have $100,000 to invest. This is savings not money you want in assets where your capital value can change like the stock market.

If you put that money in a UK savings with an AER of 0.01 for 10 years you will have made a whopping $100! 

Now let’s see what would have happened if you got that money working in the loan business.

That same $100,000 put into property backed loans at 10% interest would have grown to $259,374.25.

Which do you want? 




The rate at which your money works is CRITICAL.

You will NOT achieve your financial freedom if your money does not work at a decent rate of return and by decent I mean a rate of return that is…

  1. A) higher than inflation
  2. b) higher than the drawdown rate you want to pull off your capital amount when you are financially free

When calculating your financial freedom number in The Wealth Chef Book  I recommend you use an average growth rate of 8%. This means you need to get your money working at a rate of 8% or more.

It’s not only in the US that you can get these sorts of returns on property backed loans.

Here’s a screenshot from the UK platform Crowd Property.

And what’s even sexier, in the UK you can invest in peer-2-peer loans within the tax free environment of your ISA through an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) meaning you don’t pay any tax on this juicy income.  

And in South Africa here’s a currently open opportunity from Opportunity Capital…

These are NOT investment recommendations, I am sharing these with you to show you that there are many opportunities to get your money working for you and you don’t have to just accept the terrible interest rates from your bank.

Way #2 – Use The Banks Of The Future With Crypto Stable Coins

Right now, as you read this, people like me are earning interest rates of up to 17.7% in what I’ll call crypto banks.

These crypto banks offer:

  • Crypto backed loans, and 
  • High-yield interest accounts

If you already own crypto and want to earn money from it you have numerous options in DeFi. I go into the exact step by step process on how to get your money working hard for you in DeFi and Crypto banks in the Crypto Income Opportunities masterclass which you have access to when you join Wealth Builders.  


But to give you an example, take one of the crypto banks available called Celsius. Celsius offers interest payments on 41 different crypto coins. You can earn 10% + interest rates on stable coins which are coins linked to major currencies like the USD.


Check out the screenshot below. You can get 11.21% interest on USD, GBP and AUD stablecoins right now. 

That sure beats the measly 0.01% offered by my UK bank.

They are currently also paying as much as 17.7% interest on some “in-high-demand” alt coins.

The point of all this is…

It is up to each of us to get our money working hard. 

And traditional savings is not how to do that.


Sadly most people won’t bother to find out what other options they have. Instead they will bitch about the current state of affairs and believe their only option is to work harder themselves. 

Bitching about low interest rates earned in bank savings might make you feel good, but it won’t get you free.

Working harder won’t get you free either.

Assets create freedom.

Assets earning decent interest rates and juicy returns get you free faster.

If you are not yet a Wealth Builder, become one today

In the October Wealth Builder masterclass I will be doing a deep dive into syndicated investment opportunities including peer-2-peer loans and property backed loan instruments. Plus you’ll get access to the library of previous months masterclasses, including the Crypto Income masterclass.

Keep taking those steps to your freedom. That is how every journey is achieved.


Big love




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