The Wealth Chef’s Asset Allocation Guide Framework to Create Freedom


The age old (and archaic) 60/40 portfolio of stocks and bonds just won’t cut it anymore…

It hasn’t cut it for a long time, but sadly it’s the cookie cutter portfolio design model most “Financial Advisers” are given and all they know.

If you have any retirement investment, or a portfolio put together by a “Financial Adviser” have a look at it, and it’s highly likely your investment will be allocated in a 60/40 portfolio. (60% equity /stocks and 40% bonds) 😫.

This is the ultimate vanilla 60/40 investment model and if that is all your investments are in, you’re in for big trouble over the next decade.

This model and its risky asset allocation is one of the reasons that 5 out of 7 retiring baby boomers have discovered they don’t have enough to stop working – despite supposedly “doing the right thing” and following their advisors advice.

The investing landscape fundamentally changed from the 70’s when the 60/40 model was developed, and massive changes are happening right now – changes we have to anticipate and cater for in our investing if we hope to create wealth and also keep it.

Luckily, here at The Wealth Chef, I have a plan.

I’ve been using this plan for a while and over the past 6 months I’ve been refining it to take all these changes into account and incorporate investment opportunities that until now, have not been available to retail investors like you and me.

This plan is my Multi-Asset-Class Risk-Assessed Portfolio Framework.

This is a framework which identifies different asset classes we should ALL have in our investment portfolios, and provides a guide on what percentage we should hold of each, depending on the stage of the wealth creation journey we are on and our personal tastes and values.

Investing bases on the Multi-Asset-Class Risk-Assessed Portfolio Framework is the key to building wealth, no matter what happens in the overall markets.

I strongly believe having a diversified multi-asset allocation investment model is the key to wealth and investment success. And it gives enormous peace of mind because it accommodates whatever direction the markets decide to head next.

I have been teaching my Multi-Asset-Class Risk-Assessed Portfolio Framework to my private clients because it isn’t a beginner strategy, but given the craziness of the world right now, I believe everyone should have access to this.

So for the first (and possible only time), I’m giving you the opportunity to learn my Multi-Asset-Class Risk-Assessed Portfolio Framework on a free live training on Monday September 7th, on How to Grow and Protect your Wealth through Portfolio Design.

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Go here to get the details and secure your place.

This is probably the most important training you’ll attend all year.

Do whatever you can to be there so you can learn the model and make sure your portfolio is robust and ready for the decade ahead.

I’m excited to share this with you.

Big love,


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