Are Your Moves Creating Wealth Heaven or Money Hell


Teaching you some Wealth moves.

In the interest of world peace and helping you become financially free I’m going to show you a video that makes me cringe.


That was me having a big boogie at Financially Free You live. You see, I have hyper joint mobility which in less fancy terms just means my joints are floppy and let all the bits of me fly around in weird ways making me look seriously ridiculous when I get down and boogie. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Having weird dance moves isn’t really catastrophic in the big scheme of things, but one set of moves that most people are completely unaware of can be completely fatal to your wealth.

Let me explain.

There is a series of moves that people make with their money that are completely catastrophic for their dreams and financial goals and these moves happen for one of three reasons:

  1. they are unsure about what to do so they just follow the moves of the “cool” folk believing they “seem” wealthy so must have figured it out;
  2. they have never been taught any other way so keep doing what they have always done even though it isn’t getting them what they want;
  3. they are scared of getting it wrong so get stuck on the edge never taking that first step.

Not many people know it, but most of us have been taught the wrong way to think about money and how we need to get it moving in our lives — and it totally screws us up – unless we learn the right way.

The good news is there is only one simple set of moves that you actually need to learn to get money working for you big time.

But the bad news is, if you get this wrong and don’t get your money moving in this way, the chance of ever achieving your financial goals and creating financial freedom is extremely slim.

But don’t worry.

Because in this video I teach you the right way to move with your money.


I guarantee that this video will change the way you think about and direct your money forever.

Remember to leave me a comment and tell me what your old Money Flow Pattern was and what you feel you need help with in order to change your money pattern to a wealthy flow having you dancing around the room with joy.

I’ll “see you” over in the comments section.

Loads of love,


P.S. If you want to know what I look like when I’m letting my hair down and dancing like nobody’s watching – go watch this video now!


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  • Favour says:

    Hi Ann!
    I’ve been on a break-even money flow pattern ever since I started working in my teens. But thanks to my decision to educate myself financially and through programs and videos like yours, I’m on my way to building and creating that army of assets that bring lasting wealth. Thank you so much for the knowledge you share.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      YEAH!! thanks so much for letting me know – here’s to a fabulous journey to wealth with a wealth flow that supports you.

  • Nokukhanya mthembu says:

    I have been a TV dinner ser money cook, looking forward to changing my ways

  • Rachael says:

    What where have i been all this time? This is is the right time for beginning my journey towards financial freedom God help me. Thank you Ann for this eye opener. Blessings.

  • Helen Tiffin says:

    Hi All
    I have always been a ‘Breakeven” with only my vehicle, and very recently a house, on borrowed money. I am very keen to mend my ways and learn new skills to improve my money management.
    I am looking forward to working towards financial freedom.

  • Baleka says:

    Hi Ann, I’m so excited to start my wealth chef journey. Your videos are insipirational really, I wish I could have started earlier in my life. I just bought your book!

  • Pam says:

    I have gotten rid of most of my debt but have never really been taught about assets. I’m taking the 30 Day Money Makeover Challenge and am excited for this new chapter in my life.

  • Beula C Rosin says:

    I have read and heard you talk about wealth patterns before, but today’s video clearly made me understand how to get a wealth flow money
    pattern.. I started as break even, then borrow more. I was in a T V dinner pattern and when I retired it is exactly as you said THEY UNDER PERFORMED much to my horror I . I am in a borrow more pattern again but working hard with a debt snow ball to get to being a Cordon Bleu
    Wealth Chef money cook. It is very clear now that I must focus more on building assets to be an excellent money cook. My husband has always been a break even person and it sabotages getting a good money flow pattern.

  • Marge says:

    Ann, congratulations on your awesome new Web site! You rock!!

  • Marina vd Merwe says:

    I have been part of FFU for the past 4 months are have made great progress. Not where I want to be yet, but getting there slowly. Thanks Ann for all you great guidance and easy to follow action plans. Taking action really did help me to just get over the ‘koedoe-in-the-headlights’ freeze! Cannot thank you enough. My wealth pot is steadily growing and my debt is nearly all gone. Truely liberating-wish I has this knowledge years ago… But better later than never.

  • Tshiamo says:

    I just love the wealth chef bought the book early last year and I’m currently doing the 30 day money makeover challenge I’m excited about it. Financial education is extremely important if incorporated with action. Ann Wilson and Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. My wealth mentors

  • Lee-Ann says:

    HI, Ann

    Thank you this is my first video I am watching. I always believed that just getting the bigger income was what I need to live a better life. This is an eye opener for me. Assets are the most important ingredient. I will really take this point greatly. Looking forward to the next meal.

    Thank you

  • Chip says:

    I think that you dance brilliantly ?

  • Anna says:

    This was a great review of that section of your wealth chef book! Thank you! P.s I loved the dance moves lol! Keep rocking! 😀

  • Denise says:

    I think that you are absolutely , right. So many of us have never been taught how to correctly use money. I know this world demands us to thoroughly understand and know our professions. However knowing how to use money once we acquire it, is equally important. Kudos, to you, and Thank You for your invaluable information.

  • Jackie Johnson says:

    Ann! You totally rocked out! Love it. 🙂 made me smile.

  • kOLEKA says:

    I have never invested before. I have been leaving from hand to mouth. I am now 61 years old and have a pension of R2500 I can make available for creating my wealth feast and good living for the next 4 years to my 65th birthday. What can I do? Please help.


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