Are You Following Your Star?


Greetings, sweet Wealth chefs

In the Christmas Story three wise men set off to follow a star. They had an adventure, made a discovery and leaped onto the pages of history. Who looked after their holiday money? Did they have a shared kitty for snacks along the way? What did they natter about? Who cooked and who washed up – or did they flip a coin?

Who knows? What we do know is they followed a star everyone else ignored. They were nonconformists with strange beliefs who had the courage of their convictions.

They took action. They took the first steps and kept taking them. They found the thing they sought.

How about you?

Will you fly with the eagles or sit on the porch, bitch about the state of the world and bark at the postman?

Talk is cheap. Its the stuff of “Big Hat, No Cattle” cowboys.

  • Do you know what your unlimited life looks like?
  • Why do you want financial freedom?
  • Can you describe your star?
  • How will you measure the distance to it?
  • Do you know your next step?
  • Which star do you need to follow to get you there?

An encounter with a wise teacher in the woods is part of every great journey. Athena was it for Odysseus. When Obi-Wan was gone, Luke went to Dagobah and Yoda became his wise man. Mr. Miyagi stepped up for the Karate Kid and he mastered his wax-on, wax-off. Morpheus for Neo. Galadriel for Frodo. Who is it for you?

When you’re in the darkness of the forest look around for the teacher to help you complete your journey. The teacher exists only to assist the wise on their adventure.

The adventure you choose is entirely up to you. I am simply a pathfinder, giving you the resources you need for your journey, telling you what to expect on the road ahead, and here to cheer you on and celebrate your success when you reach your star.

However you are spending this magical year end time,

Wherever you are,

Whoever you are with,

Whatever you are feasting on…

… give yourself a moment to turn your eyes and thoughts to the star you are following and how you are making this precious life the wealthiest, juiciest experience possible ensuring you leave this place better for having had you in it.

Will you soar with the eagles and make 2016 is the year you follow your star

Tell me about it in the comments below. Remember your ideas and shares may trigger someone needs to reclaim their juicy life and reconnect with their star.

Thank you for believing in your dreams, for choosing to live the greatest version of your life, for mastering your money and inspiring others to do the same. Thank you for being in my life and allowing me to support you a little way on your magnificent journey.

With huge love


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  • Jil Orpen says:

    Since the 2014 FFU I have been found that focus is everything. Focus brings clarity, synchronicity, opportunity, challenge, the unease of climbing a tall ladder alone and the warmth and gratitude of finding what you want. Thanks to you I find that I say things that I have learnt from you and others say ‘how funny, that’s just what I needed’. For example a friend was depressed and I asked him if he had thought about ‘spending time with champions’. He immediately stood up and said, ‘that’s what I want.’ Financially too, your guidance has led me to
    question, examine, list and clear out the unnecessary or unknowns in life. Even from PPI claims I made £30,000
    which I would have never tackled without your direction. I now have a retirement sum, and would so love to have your advice on how to make it grow in ten years. Besides ISA and index trackers, should I take some risks at higher percentage investment. Any suggestion would be so much appreciated. May 2016 be great for you.

  • Lee Gee says:

    Thanks for the course Ann. Well on track with net worth for my age yet far far away from my goal of 1.5m net worth for 120k income per year.

    My current predicament is being an aspiring touring musician. Yes I can fix PC’s, I can teach people how to train, how to eat how to get results but this is not my calling, it doesn’t tickle my belly. Being on the road, travelling, playing music, inspiring huge audiences, entertaining. That is my dream. It is more of a privilege than a joy to get exposure in the modern music scene though, all my record deals, tours and bands to date have cost me, they have come from my fun pot, I want them to be income.

    I’m a fantastic drummer. I see ‘the greats’, even guys who are not as technically capable or energetic performers as me making millions upon millions and living the lifestyle I dream of, it really hurts that this is just the life I get to see not the life I get to live, sometimes it brings me to tears.

    They are few and far between but they exist. If they exist so can I. What is it I need to understand to make that shift. (Feeling indifferent, apathetic, why spend this energy is being someone when I dont get to be someone)

  • Catherine says:

    Thank you Ann for shining your bright light and sharing your enthusiasm. Catherine.

  • Isla Barwise says:

    Hi Ann, my progress is slow. However I want to thank you deeply for giving me the hope that I can retire without financial stress and for giving me the tools that I am learning to use. I know my FF number…..just working through module 3 and encouraging my husband to catch the vision too.
    Bless you for sharing with us in such a clear, accessible manner and for your deep passion and enthusiasm for this work. Big hugs of gratitude.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      xxx – Big hugs of gratitude back to you Isla for you being such an inspiration to so many others and your daughters. xxx

  • Kay Cooper says:

    Dear Ann,

    Thanks so much for your jovial spirit, it’s so much fun to follow your advice. Like the wise men I have prayed for guidance as I am jumping out and taking action. I am reserving a new property being built and then will have to put mine on the market. I aim to cut down my mortgage or eliminate it ! The Banks are extremely cautious with me due to my loss of job but I’m dreaming and taking a step at a time. I sign for the reservation on Tuesday !
    So many friends tell me that “I cannot do what I am aiming to do, but just watch me”.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best of good health, happiness and success in 2016 !!

    • Ann Wilson says:

      My absolute pleasure and privilege Kay. Remember to nurture and cherish your dreams which means choosing who you share them with. Like a tender seedling our dreams need us to protect them from the cynics and nay-sayers who believe they are trying to protect us, but sadly they are just projecting their own fears. I have no doubt you will achieve what you are aiming for Kay and much, much more.

  • Fiona Raison says:


    I am so grateful to have found you! I have been frozen as far as money is concerned for 15 years, and everything you say is so liberating and feels so right. I feel full of energy, optimism and vitality again, on day 20 of the 30 days.

    Merry Xmas

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Oh Fiona, I’m grinning from ear to ear at the energy, optimism and vitality flowing through you. This is what wealth is all about. Claiming back our power to experience all life offers us.

  • Elsa says:

    Ann, I am not a good “words” person but ever since I met you over a year ago on a “Stocks for Frocks” seminar I was inspired. I bought your book and did the Pimms course. I have gone from strength to strength and every time I loose courage with my finances you were there in my email. I didn’t think the 30 day make-over could teach me any more but was I wrong!….it is definitely something I will recommend to everyone to do! I am grateful for you crossing my path and steering me from despair to hope.

    Thank you so much and wish you a blessed Christmas and 2016.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      A very blessed Christmas and 2016 to you too Else – remember this wonderful wealthy journey is exactly that – a journey. Keep taking the steps, enjoy the process and the life you truly want will keep unfolding for you and your money will support you more and more.

  • Marge says:

    Ann, I am so grateful to have connected with you and your amazing Wealth Chef coaching in 2015. My star is a lot brighter now and I can’t wait to keep taking step after step to reach it, starting now, and moving fast forward in ’16. And for the first time in decades me and my spouse are equally committed to the same money pattern we learned from you. Thank you!

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Thank you for your wonderful words Marge and I’m so grateful you and your partner are on this journey together. You cannot, not make the world a better place when you get aligned and let go of the fear around money and instead learn how to get it supporting you both to experience the life that keeps making your star shine brighter.

  • Soman says:

    Looking forward to paying off my liabilities and start investing in assets, living a life of fun and creativity whilst being financially savvy. Not sure how I’m going to do it but know the way will become clear and am thoroughly enjoying the journey of discovery. About to embark on Day 20 of Ann’s 30 Day Money Makeover Challenge.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Soman – you are already doing it and just by the fact you’ve made it to day 20 in the Money Makeover shows you’ve made the commitment. Remember too that every little bit of liability that leaves your life actually increases your net worth xxx


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