Are You Feeding Yourself The Scraps Of Your Life?


Do you ever say any of the following?

  •  I’ll start saving and investing when I’ve got some money spare!
  • I’ll go dance/ paint/ ride my motorbike (insert what ever it is that lights you up) when I’ve got some free time!
  • I’ll play with the kids/ dog/ goldfish when I’ve finished all this other stuff!
  • I’ll visit that wonderful friend/ my parents /kids when things aren’t so busy with work.
  • I’ll take that much needed brake/bubble bath/ holiday once I’ve sorted everything else out

Perhaps you’ve also heard the phrase – Pay Yourself First?

Sometimes we hear a phrase so often we think we know it, so we dismiss it going “yeah, yeah…”

This is possibly the most important and fundamental concept in all wealth creation and I’m not just talking “money” I talking about living a rich wealthy juicy feast of a life.

During the recent launch of Financial Freedom University I got asked many times about this and the statement I made in one of the training videos that you must pay yourself first, before all your other bills even if you aren’t sure how you will pay those other bills.

Questions I got were “Doesn’t that mean I’ll get into more debt?”, “I can’t see how to do this as there never is any left over?”

First and foremost this requires a massive mind shift.

The very decision to make yourself, your financial wellbeing and your dreams the most important bill you pay first every month triggers a whole chain of possibility and potentiality opens.

Once you have done this, you then use the greatest asset you have, your creativity and personal potential to get all the rest done.

You put this into action by learning how to ask yourself great quality questions about the rest of the outgoings in your life and you keep stretching yourself to make it so.

Questions provide the key to unlocking your unlimited potential

  •  How else can I pay these bills?
  • How else can I experience this thing without this cost?
  • How else can I bring money in?
  • Which of these other expenses can I get rid of because I don’t get value from them?
  • Which of these expenses can I negotiate a lower rate?
  • What other things can I do to bring in extra income?
  • Are there skills and assets I have which I’m not using or can expand on?
  • Are there things I can sell to cover these other expenses?
  • Where can I add value to massive of people and get rewarded significantly financially?

It is from this place we expand who we are and all aspects of our life. When we believe in ourselves enough to pay ourselves first.

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.
Tony Robbins

Debt is always the last resort and believing that is the only other way to pay for something is a belief that needs to be scrubbed out. It not only robs you of your money but also of the incredible wealth of resources within you that you never get to strengthen and expand because you never gave them a chance.

This pattern goes way further than money. It is a pattern that impacts all the resources we have available to us to get the most out of our lives. The most precious being our time, our energy and our focus. Direct these resources with respect and leadership and you will be amazed at what unfolds.

When you invest your time, your money, your energy and your focus in yourself first you are telling your unconscious you believe in you, your dreams and your ability to create what you want in this life.

Paying yourself last or not at all because your waiting for there to be some left over after everything else covered is giving yourself the scraps of your life. You deserve more than that!




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  • Terry says:

    My problem is where to put the money to pay me first particularly when it comes to saving up for life expenses- fridge, car tyres etc

  • Clare says:

    Great post Ann. Love these quality questions. Fear literally squeezes the creativity out of us, your questions open doors instead. Thanks

  • Tracy says:

    When I look at how I pay my accounts at the end of the month, saving money or paying myself first does not even feature. I can see how changing that concept in my head can change the flow of money. Bugger I have just paid all my accounts and am waiting to see what scraps I can save 😳

    • Ann says:

      The great thing Tracy, is now you’ve got a whole month so get seriously creative and excited about making yourself the most important payment next month. 😉


Your email address will not be published.