I wasn’t born with a family inheritance, I didn’t sell a business for millions, or win the lottery. I just learned early in my life that having an education and working hard was not the answer to living the life of my dreams.

From a low point of divorce and debt, I decided I could reach financial freedom. I did it in 8 years. I now wake up living a financially free life – where I can decide to work or not. Best part? I have the recipe and I want to share it with you!



The Wealth Chef book by Ann Wilson

In this groundbreaking, simple to read and easy to action manual, Ann shows readers how to become financially savvy and build wealth starting immediately. You will realize that you can create financial freedom and live your dream life now, feel empowered to throw away the old recipe for success: mix together one secure job with a lifelong portion of hard work and sacrifice to hopefully live the dream life after retirement. Why wait? With the practices and techniques that Ann presents here you will be able to go on to live a truly rich life!


Ann is the global wealth expert on the new TV show “Save Well, Spend Better”, together with Anna Williamson, Bianca Miller-Cole and Emmanuel Asuquo. She is able to take intimidating, complex and very often boring investing concepts and teach them to “everyday people” just like herself, through writing, speaking and training.


Presentations that Educate, Inspire
and Rock the House

Through her dynamic and engaging presentations, Ann draws on her personal experiences and success to share with audiences those essential ingredients and recipes for wealth that they need to improve their relationship with money; get out of debt; invest easily; and make money work hard for them with the certainty that they will be able to stop working and not just survive but live a life they really love!


Ann’s Wealthy Walkabout

Ann is an explorer at heart with a love for new experiences and adventures. She has lived in South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia the UK and the USA. She has ridden a motorcycle around the whole of Australia, has dived all over the planet, sailed extensively and spent much time in her favourite place – the African Bush. Through her adventures, Ann is passionate about understanding what living a rich life really means in different cultures and countries. And her Blue Monkey is always along for the ride!