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Simply put, Ann show readers how to become financially savvy and build wealth starting immediately. They realize they can create financial freedom and live their dream life now, feeling empowered to throw away the old recipe for success: mix together one secure job with a lifelong portion of hard work and sacrifice to hopefully live the dream life after retirement. Why wait? With the practices and techniques that I present here I hope you will go on to live a truly rich life!


FINANCIAL FREEDOM UNIVERSITY is a 10-Module online training programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to become financially free no matter your starting point. Whether you are deeply in debt, just getting by, or are already on your way and want to accelerate your journey, then Financial Freedom University is for you. Feel confident knowing you have a plan and the skills to create it.  Financial Freedom University will show you how!


PIMMS is the the definitive online programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully invest in the stock market.  Learn how to confidently grow your wealth, feel empowered with your passive investment plan and feel safe and secure now and in your old age.  This online program will empower you to take control of your investment decisions, know how to choose the right Index Trackers or Exchange Traded funds, increase your investment returns and make sure your money is working hard for you.




The 30 Day Money Makeover is a 30 day online training programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to master money and get it working hard for you so you can finally know you’ll be able to stop working and live the life you really want.


Every day you will receive a 5 to 10 minute training video to teach you what money really is, how to manage it easily and how to get it working for you. These convenient bite-size chunks of unique wealth creation training are designed to fit into your busy life so you can experience real change in just 30 days.


In the span of the thirty days you will learn more about money than most people ever learn in a life time!




Your debt free life is created though 28 easy to follow and implement steps, organised into 4 transformative stages.


Having helped thousands of people break free from debt, stay free and go on to create abundant wealth, I have extracted the things that you need to focus on so you don’t waste any more time and condensed these into an intensive 4-week debt destruction virtual bootcamp.


The Freedom Academy is your one stop shop for all of the resources that The Wealth Chef offers to inspire, liberate and empower you on your wealth journey.  Filled with programs, tools and recipes to increase your money flow, blitz your debt, increase your income, reduce expenses and create assets. The Freedom Academy becomes your Wealth Library where you can tap into an expansive resource that include “Making Time to Make Money”, “The 30 Day Money Makeover”, The “Wealth Kickstarter”, “PIMMS” and many more amazing programs!