How New technology Will Make You a Successful Investor


This is a game changer!! In a good way.

I’ve just returned from another galavant to the USA with my mind expanded and buzzing with the exhilarating future of investing and wealth creation and the implications for those of us that “get it” and “get on board” and those that choose to cling to old world extinct strategies.

I have been seeing many shifts in how we need to be investing and creating sustainable wealth and have spent the past nine months or so exploring these emerging trends and educating myself in these technologies so I can share these with you.

These include radical advancements in online security and virtual online wallets (blockchain) and whole new forms of currencies (cryptocurrencies) both of which bypass traditional political and institutional boundaries and interference; plus a groundswell of new wealthy living thinking that is challenging the “old exclusionist” investing and wealthy living models.   

These technologies combined with the new paradigm of inclusionist wealth creation through shared economies, crowd funding and social investing is giving us access to “never possible before now” investment deals AND serious hope for a transformed world with equitable and open access to wealth creation for all.

One of the areas where these new technologies are shaking things up is in the world of global property investing.  

Think back to the “not so good” old days (not so long ago)…

…imagine you were sitting in your comfy chair in Birmingham, Brisbane Bloemfontein or anywhere other than where the property market was exploding and you contemplated taking advantage of this investment opportunity by investing in property in the USA (or that other country experiencing super growth). Odds are your musings didn’t get much further than an idle thought as you soon visualised the time consuming, complex and expensive adventure ahead of you. Global property investing was an adventure that you only ever embarked on if you had access to a network of developers, lawyers, property managers and sources in that specific country – assuming you wanted it to be profitable. You also needed to have a pretty size-able chunk of money already available just to get your toe in the door. If you by some crazy chance had both the network and the money all sorted you’d then still have to navigate all the legal, political and financial currency obstacles!

Oh my hat that is exhausting and damn risky – I feel the need for a nap just writing that out let alone trying to attempt it!

This is why very few (successful) investors ever bothered and rather focused on building local property portfolios and investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for their “offshore” exposure.

But as they say in the classic – that is history!

For the first time ever…

thanks to these new technologies, you can safely and cost effectively build a multi country / multi currency investment property portfolio from your comfy chair! (hyperlink to webinar opt-in)

“How do I do it  Ann,” I hear you saying…

Well my darling fellow Wealth Chef, I think you’re going to be super excited too…because…

I’ve convinced Scott Picken, author of Property Going Global and world renowned authority on how to create global wealth through new technology enabled property investing to do a one off Masterclass for us all!!!!

How awesome is that!

How New technology Will Make You a Successful Global Property Investor


How It Removes All the Hassle, Expenses and Pain Involved in Investing in Direct Property, Both Locally and Internationally.

GO HERE to enjoy this Complimentary Masterclass<<<

This is 100% training and there is nothing for sale.

In this powerful 90 minute Masterclass, Scott will share with us:

  • How technology has brought never seen before opportunity for “everyday” peeps like us to safely and cost effectively access international investment property deals to create global wealth.
  • The benefits of using this new technology to invest in the property asset class rather than the traditional direct ownership or REITS strategies and the impact it will this have on your actual investment returns.
  • How to invest in properties in multiple countries and multiple currencies without currency exchange hassles, cost and risk from as little as $1000.

PLUS Scott will show us

  • How to decide which property deals and which countries you should be investing in to maximise your returns and achieve your wealth goals.

I am so excited about sharing this with you.

Lock in your Masterclass seat here<<<<

Big love






P.S. – The whole point of investing and creating sustainable wealth is to LIVE fully. I believe a wealthy life recipe includes a delicious dose of play, a dollop of learning, big handfuls of inspiring people and plenty of curiosity induced adventures all brought together with passionate music and mind dissolving food and I nailed that recipe on this recent trip.  Here’s a few snaps from Colorado where I had a ball with my business mentor Jeff Walker and my mastermind buddies remembering not to take it all to seriously; Cape Cod where I explored, chilled, wrote and ate a LOT (with gratitude to the wonderful lobster) and New York where I got to see one of my Jazz heroes Al Di Meola play, explored street art in Soho, and attended a mind blowing training.

The best masterminding happens over curry!

Doing the Wealthy Life jig with fellow Hay House Author Julie Cairns – Author of The Abundance Code – on top of the Rocky Mountain range in Colorado.

Sweety and tasty -what Cape Cod does best! Need I say more…












New York’s endless gifts of free art to be shared by everyone.











The one and only Al Di Meola doing extraordinary things with that guitar at the Iridium.

And of course some people watching chill time too. (and yes that is a gorgeous leather “steampunk” corset I’m wearing 😉












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