The Pro’s and Con’s of Investing in Shipping Containers and How to Make it Work for You


When you think of shipping containers what comes to mind?

If you are currently sailing around the world in a yacht just the words “shipping container” is likely to cause you to break out into a cold sweat. Shipping containers floating just below the ocean’s surface are one of the biggest hazards to yachting folk and the number #1 cause of yachts sinking. These are containers that have fallen off ships and now bob along like metal icebergs – a sailor’s nightmares.

If you are moving continents perhaps you are visualising all your possessions being shipped to you and hoping they don’t become a part of said sailor’s horrors too. I’ve had many containers successfully cross the oceans during my many intercontinental moves and one spectacular tiffany lamp I made while living in Australia has now successfully survived 5 ocean crossings!

Perhaps if you import or export goods the words “shipping container” conjures up gratitude for you having a cost-effective means of moving your goods between your markets.

Perhaps you imagine your eco-friendly uber-cool container home…

Whatever it is you imagined, I’d like to add a new thought in your mind…

… I’d like you to introduce you to shipping containers as potentially very juicy assets in your asset drawer kicking off income to fuel your financial freedom.

Shipping container investments are a form of alternative investments considered to be relatively low risk. An alternative investment is a tangible asset (you can touch it), in something other than equity (stocks and shares) or investment property  – like art, antiques, stamps, vending machines  and shipping containers.

Shipping container investments are income generating assets not growth assets so can be very useful when you are wanting to add cash to your asset drawer to invest in other assets or to draw an income from your asset pot when it is ready for you to feast of it.

Making a success of investing in shipping containers is what this video is all about >>>

In the comments below I’d love to know:
• what do you think about investing in alternative investments like shipping containers?
• Have you invested in shipping containers and if so what was your experience.

This shipping container investing masterclass was done with one of my fabulous Financial Freedom University students who had never heard of investing in shipping containers before doing FFU, now she can teach other – pretty cool!

Keep taking steps every day to fill your asset drawer because they are the only things that can create your financial freedom

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