How To Invest After a Trumping


Wow – that was very interesting watching the stock market volatility and craziness that followed one of most bizarre USA elections ever.

As you can imagine – I have been inundated with questions from Wealth Chef clients around the world wondering what they should do with their investments. Start investing? Stop investing? Change portfolio structure? Sit on the side-line and wait and see? Convert everything into gold and stash it under the bed?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what the hell to do too?

I certainly understand where all these questions are coming from. When I heard the news I was quite literally dumfound! It was like a bizarre meditation because I honestly hadn’t contemplated any scenarios with Trump winning so when he did my brain went into the most delightful nothingness! Pretty irritating really because I spend ages trying to get my mind to stop racing around with all sorts of meditation apps, breathing techniques and mindfulness and all it took to transcend was a mind boggling Trump win. Go figure!

Unfortunately, my Zen moment didn’t last long and was rapidly replaced by the thought of an off-the-grid-self-sufficient-life in a cottage in the Karoo with a goat named Gertrude and where I barter veggies and home made felt hats for a living.

Since I have no idea how to make felt (apparently you need to pee on it!) let alone making hats I decided I had better stick to what I know best and interrogate my great friend and stock market passive investing GURU, (she hates being called that LOL) Nerina Visser and grill her on what we can expect with this new administration and what we should be doing about it.

Go watch the interview I did with Nerina (and my own suggestions on your investor mind set) on HOW TO SURVIVE A TRUMPING here…



I think you’re going to love this interview – I certainly did – and as always find Nerina’s advice priceless.

In the comments below please let Nerina and I know if you’d like us to do more of these sort of videos for you and on what topics.

 Big love



 How to invest during volatile times and step by step instructions on building a “politician proof” portfolio.

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  • Ursula Kennelly says:

    Hello ladies, loved this chat! Would definitely love more of these !

  • Oh yes I would LOVE more of these types of sessions! Especially something practical like navigating the fund fact sheets for index trackers. I’m in Ireland and from what I can make out so far, unit trust funds are not that common here- it’s more ETFs- what does this mean for the habit of regularly investing a small sum?
    Thanks a mil! Love you guys!x x Mary-Pat


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