How To Create Your Nest Eggs Without Blowing Your Eye Balls Out!


The old phrase – “Don’t teach your Grandma to suck egg’s” came to mind, but a rather twisted version of it.

It was more like…

“If your Grandma wants to suck eggs, lounge back and let her”

It happened in Australia where I was recently visiting my twin brother and his family. I had the pleasure (and pain LOL) of looking after my three nieces and a 15 week old puppy for long weekend while their parents had a much needed break – that’s what family is for, right?

It was around Easter and since they:

  • are in the perfect “Easter Egg” age category (ages 0 to 102);
  • still understand the wealth and juiciness of making things with their own hands;
  • haven’t yet had “play” shamed out of them; and
  • needed to be kept inside and occupied whilst a Melbourne storm raged outside…

… I decided to teach them how to blow eggs and paint them.

Gathered together in the family room, grooving to the soundtrack from Trolls we got stuck in.

After twc_blog_eggs_lightermuch huffing and puffing we emerged with 6 beautifully blown out eggs ready for masterpieces to be created.

I emerged with even more – specifically bulging eyeballs, swollen lips and oxygen deprivation plus the realization that I have significant work to do on my 6, 9 and 11 year old persuasion skills!

I had blown every one of those 6 eggs whilst the girls reclined on their respective sofa’s wrapped up in sumptuous blankets and “egged” me on.

I got a big gift from these three reclining Queens (make it four Queens with the puppy) – a reminder to…

“Let what you want be simple and let others do the work if that is what makes them happy”

They had not yet gotten caught up in the…

… “I have to do it all myself for it to be valuable” or the…

“if I don’t work hard for it and it can’t be worth much” mentality.

They had no problem letting me do the work (since I seemed so good at it anyway) so they could spend their energy on the fun stuff and then receiving the benefit of that work gratefully.

It made me think of investing and how I had had to un-learn a lifetime of “hard work” and “complexity must be better” thinking before my investing because profitable and supportive. That “hard work, must be involved in every step” mindset had sent me down numerous unprofitable rabbit-holes.

It was only when I discovered Passive Investing, the wonders of Index Trackers and the power of “set it up and leave it” automatic investing that my money finally had a chance to do the work for me.

Looking back I have to giggle at my incredulity that such a simple “no hard work”, lie back and enjoy strategy could reap any rewards let alone be the thing that would set me free.  I am also so immensely grateful that despite my doubts I gave it a go and let the results do the persuading. And they did.

If you are not yet a lounge back and let Index Trackers do the hard work” Queen, then you are in for a magical journey.

You may be so wired for struggle and complexity and hard work that even the thought of investing in the stock market being straight forward and simple and effective sounds like lunacy to you.

Or you may want to believe and give it a go but you’ve been burnt in the past and you’re not sure if you can really believe this is possible.

Where ever you are, I want to invite you to do what I did. Take baby steps, start with a small amount and let the results do the convincing.

The joy of Passive Investing with Index Trackers is that you can start with £25 a month (R300, $40, €30) invested in a low cost index tracker on a low cost online broker and build things up once you’ve gained confidence and seen with your own money how effective it is.

Get your copy of my free “Expand Your Dough” e-book in which I show you step-by-step how to get yourself started with Index Tracker Passive Investing.

Go here to download you free copy>>>


Get started building up assets that work for you in a way that allows you to enjoy your life now and which will become the pile of amazing nest eggs that will feed you and those you love for years and years to come.

I assure you the nest eggs you’ll be creating with the wealth of knowledge you’ll get in this powerful e-book are significantly easier to create than blowing those damn eggs!

Once you’ve downloaded your free book AND read it, please pop back here and let me know how your passive investing experiment is going.

Get “blowing.”

Big love






P.S. – After the egg blowing, and being a good Wealth Chef who hates waste, we used the eggs by making a huge batch of cupcakes. Again my nieces revealed my extended number of years. I asked them how we should decorate the cup cake(s) –  my mind filled with images of lady birds, fairies and butterflies – to get the reply – emojis!

Be warned – the results look like something out of an emoji horror movie but as we all know…


 The juicy joyfully process of creating is far more important than the end result







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