Chicken Man To The Rescue With A Cool Money Habit To Make You Rich


Greetings, Chefs!

Do you have certain phrases, saying and “in-house” jokes that always make you smile – even some where the “in-house” is just in your own head? “It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!”

That’s one of mine.  Every time I hear the words – Its Everywhere – I repeat the words in my head in a funny chicken voice and have a little giggle to myself. The funniest part (perhaps not) is that I had completely forgotten where the line came from, yet it is deeply embedded in my psyche and makes me feel good.

Thinking about this I realised I have a few deeply embedded habits and quirks that not only make me feel good, but have also contributed significantly to making my wealth really great.

In this video I share one of these habits –


Yes, believe it or not, FREE MONEY is ubiquitous. The challenge is, if we don’t believe it exists, choose to see it and then acknowledge it, it just won’t appear to you.. a bit like Chicken Man..

Watch this video to learn how to get more of it in your life. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do (free money that is) and be prepared for a bit of a giggle too, as I hunted down where the silly chicken voice came from and decided to give this topic the hero’s intro it deserves. ***

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

What types of FREE MONEY have you noticed in your life and do you have any quirky little habits that have made a positive impact on your wealth?

Tell me about it in the comments below. Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for juicy wealth snacks, insight and inspiration as they create their financial freedom too. Your quirky little habit may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your un-limited life.

With huge love


P.S. Did Chicken Man make you smile?  You’ve just discovered that radio was my first love and shaped my warped sense of humour forever:) – we didn’t get a TV until I was 11.

For a bit of trivia.. Chickenman is an American radio series created by Dick Orkin that spoofs comic book heroes, inspired by the mid-60s Batman TV series. The series was created in 1966 on Chicago radio station WCFL, and was then syndicated widely, notably on Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War.

In the series, Benton Harbor, a shoe salesman at a large downtown Midland City department store, spends his weekends striking terrific terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere as that fantastic fowl, Chickenman. Or, at least, that’s what he tells everyone. In reality, he mostly hangs around the Police Commissioner’s office and irritates the Commissioner’s secretary, Miss Helfinger.


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  • rasha says:

    thank you Ann for this wonderful lesson i love it and i am defiantly changing my behavior towards the free money. i think gift money fall into free money too.

  • Katie says:

    In January (2017) I received an email from someone I owed $7,500 USD to, that said that they had decided to waive my debt to them!!!!! To wipe it clean!!!!!!! Soooooo thankful!!!!! What a fabulous way to start out 2017!! A huge blessing to me!

  • Linda says:

    Thanks for the wonderful video. I definitely will praise the free money I find for sure.

    • Ann Wilson says:

      So thrilled you enjoyed it Linda. I love the “praising” free money. We get more of the things we put our energy on in life and amazingly as you notice and feel great about all the free money flowing in, more will come.

  • Sheila Sloane says:

    Several years ago, instead of saying I couldn’t afford to visit family overseas, or go wine-tasting, or to seminars on a fixed income, I asked myself ‘How can I make this happen?’ I record refunds from Medical Aid, Rewards programs (SmartShopper/Clicks etc), discounts from Groupon etc., when MedAid pays for Chronic meds, found cash, Electricity refunds from a flat I let, a friend’s R100 towards petrol and gift of a bottle of wine for cut-price winetasting outing, a free tasting session, Senior’s discount at stores, Vitality discounts on flights, when a tenant paid me for laundry, the annual increase in rental (when it hadn’t been a necessity – just part of the Lease)

    In 2010 – I ‘FOUND’ R18850
    In 2011 it was R16K
    In 2012 it was R23K

    Although I didn’t ‘invest’ this – I left it in Money Market to compound, and I call this my Fun Fund – Others call it an FU Fund as they hide it from partners and offspring!
    (I need to stop procrastinating and bring my Fun Fund up-to-date with totals)

    • Ann Wilson says:

      I Love it Sheila – Thank you so much for sharing the power of noticing all that free money and then consciously directing it to the life you really want. Such a powerful shift in language – “How can I afford it” xxx

    • Sherri Higgs says:

      Hi Sheila, I read your reply to Ann’s Free Money Video with great interest. You sure got me thinking about all the very similar ways where im receiving free money from that I have never thought of *Saving* and adding it up. I have now got another project to do.
      Thanks for your great ideas.
      Ann…Your videos are really great. Love everything you post.

      • Ann Wilson says:

        Ahh Thanks Sherri – it is such a pleasure to share with you and Sheila’s post was awesome and how often we don’t realise how just sharing our own journey can have such an impact on someone else and really help them too.

        • Sheila Sloane says:

          xxxx thanks everyone – In Feb I ‘found’ R1735 and in March I ‘found’ R2226!! So glad that my post was appreciated – instead of laughed at ‘Awww, Ma, don’t be daft!’ I know that it enables to travel guilt-free, but isn’t that what Financial Freedom is all about?

  • vivian Ghazawy says:

    Hi Anne, It happened to me just last week… I was really going to have to go into my emergency fund for my cars major service and when the advisor rang me to tell me it would cost 1500 DHS i thought thats not too bad and i acknowledged how grateful to have bought a 2012 GMC Acadia for less than market price and how much i loved that car.. ( I also have never bought a brand new car realising from a young age that 20% goes out the window… i used to tell my brother and sister who are older than me never to buy a brand new car.. they thought i was crazy) The advisor rang me before i picked up the car and said that he had cleared the charge due to asking his manager if he could…I was ever soooo grateful and i did not go into my emergency fund but when i do get my next months income i sure will put 1500 dhs into my asset draw!….

  • Jenn Bradshaw says:

    😆 On board with this, Ann! We walk everywhere to do our errands (shopping, library, post office), and find loose change almost daily. But it’ll be fun to actually tally this up and keep track of just how much we’re adding to our lives this way. Besides the already-there bonus of getting some exercise and staying fit, that is!

  • Lerato says:

    Yay now I am going to NOT be shy about accepting those breakfasts and lunches friends offer to pay for—it’s my FREE MONEY after all!
    Tx Anne for this freedom!

  • Olivier says:

    That reminds me of my mum as we grew up,as children. She always used to say no to people we were visiting when they were offering us drinks even water and that even without consulting us in case we were thirsty. I have always felt it was so unfair and I guess this was not attracting abundance in her life and neither flowing money but rather a certain hardship and the feeling of being hard done by. I guess I have copied this habit for a good while until I started noticing it and started to change it. I also guess it as at the root of my poor money ‘leaking’ habits and giving it away instead to welcoming it in my life.mas a matter of fact , I have started noticing in the last month or so since starting the FFU, a lot more free money flowing in my life so things are shifting… Thank you so much Ann for this inspiring video

  • Bernie says:

    Loved this video Ann I have definitely started to lean into this energy more but the second tip feels very important for me to pay attention to. Thankyou for your enthusiasm and passion I really felt that today !! With love Bernie X


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